Application Quality Management

“Quality management now operates as a partnership, with both of these key areas of the business as stakeholders. Original Software solutions reinforce our view that accountability is critical for success”

Rick Hindman, Chief Information Technology Officer, IPERS.

Managing the quality of business applications is essential to achieve enterprise agility. Without reliable and flexible software systems, companies cannot respond quickly to customer needs or competitive pressures. Additionally, the technology landscapes of these mission critical systems are complex and inter-connected. Furthermore, managing time to market pressures while prioritizing and balancing the available resources is a constant challenge. 

Does your organization have adequate personnel (whether in-house or outsourced) focused on ensuring quality systems are in place?  Do you have sufficient processes being actively and consistently applied?  Do all your resources collaborate efficiently?

The Application Quality Management(AQM) Solution

Qualify is our unique solution for Application Quality Management (AQM) that unites all aspects of the software quality life-cycle from requirements through to deployment, providing an integrated approach to solving your management challenges and is the glue that holds IT together.

It provides a code free environment that supports multiple projects with a single, unified, multi-role (from granular tester to CIO) view with full command and control, over all aspects of the process, from requirements to test planning, test case design, test execution and defect tracking, all with full traceability. Suitable for small to large teams with customizable workflows

It provides project planning and management, test case definition, manual and automated test execution, result reporting, multi-project dashboards, event notifications, full role-based authorities, workflow, and integration to external databases and API’s – all with the choice of on-premise or cloud based.

Setting New Standards

We have helped our customers achieve real successes by implementing an effective ‘application quality eco-system’ that delivers greater business agility, faster time to market, reduced risk, decreased costs, increased productivity and an early return on investment.

These successes have been built on a solution that provides a dynamic approach to quality management and automation, empowering all stakeholders in the quality process, as well as uniquely addressing all layers of your application stack. 

Automation has been achieved without creating a barrier of dependency on specialized skills and by minimizing ongoing maintenance burdens while centralizing the knowledgebase.

In a nutshell, Qualify is a test planning and management solution, that provides an easily customized central repository of test assets in support of full AQM. 

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Ditching Quality Center? A specialist webinar.

Thinking about ditching the old HP Quality Center? Lots of organizations are. It’s antiquated, clunky, never was very good, and now thanks to Micro Focus, it expensive to keep using.

Take a big step up to Original Software’s Qualify. It’s super flexible, intuitive, powerful, and will do exactly what you want it to do for optimized Application Quality Management. 
Oh, and by the way, it’s less expensive than what you used to pay for Quality Center.

Tune in and watch to get Qualified. or if you prefer a one to one discussion with one of our consultants get in touch here .

Organising and Managing Test Activities

Best practice AQM calls for an  easy to use means of  organising and managing all  testing activities . This can be a  critical element of  streamlining project sizing and test planning.

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What Next

A practical session showing you how you can make your next change project more effective and efficient, illustrated by one  clients real world experience . By using a combination of methodology and technology they reduced time to market and delivered change projects within budget.   The result: thorough testing; defect process times slashed; rollouts delivered on time all accompanied by a full audit trail.

How  IT Director Marc Croquette and his team  ensures zero defects  reach production with a faster delivery schedule and productivity exceeding expectations.  A very real reflection of their corporate motto “Quality made certain. Satisfaction guaranteed.”

See what the powerful new world of AQM can look like, future-proofed fully configurable and much more.

A more indepth look at the capabilities and benefits of a modern AQM solution

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