Seven hot IT outsourcing trends — and seven going cold!

Part 2

I’m glad to see that digital transformation is finally driving this move to more strategic partnering with outsourcers, and all I can say is that it’s about time! I also think the factory model isn’t going anywhere… it has its place in the industry. But,
if you really want to move forward, strategic partnerships have been and will always be the key to success in outsourcing. And honestly, isn’t that the case for any business? When there is vested interest with shared risk, the pendulum swings more toward success. The trends are driving outsourcers to retaining highly skilled talent that can support emerging technologies; talent that will bring automation to the forefront and get you to market faster. But with that you must invest in a partner that has solid industry experience with resources that know something about your business, or at the very least a proven shared strategy to get there.

You cannot and must not settle for commodity resources at a company that consistently has a revolving door; I promise you it will fail! If you do it right, your outsourcer can augment business peak periods and talent shortages allowing your staff to focus on your business-critical activities which could yield significant savings. But if you do it wrong, you could severely damage your brand.

Faster to market is what keeps businesses on top of their game, and that does not always mean cheaper. Your best shot would be to choose your partners wisely, do your homework and don’t give away your soul. Always remember you will need to own the important aspects of your business. Some areas may never be suitable for outsourcing – UAT (User Acceptance Testing) is a good example. Define success clearly and in high level business terms so that every deliverable is tied to your corporate goals. And lastly, NEVER ever compromise on quality.

Lisa Ratajczyk- Director of Solution Aquisition at Original Software