Technology Transfer Guarantee

Your investment with us is important to you and it’s important to us. We want you to get the maximum value from that investment today, tomorrow and into the future. So we guarantee that you can always adjust the mix of our products you use to reflect your evolving needs. This is our Technology Transfer Guarantee.

Technology Transfer Guarantee

So how does it work?

Let’s say when you first become a customer your main need is to properly document all your Use Cases, Test Cases and to capture examples of how these scenarios are used by your business users.

So a good initial solution could be a mix of Qualify for your Application Quality Management and TestDrive-UAT to capture the business processes. 

You make good progress and after a while you’re ready to bring some of the testing done by the business users within the QA Team.

Now it may be better to reduce the number of TD-UAT licenses and swap them into TestDrive-Assist for augmented manual testing. That’s what the Technology Transfer Guarantee allows you to do.

Alternatively you may decide that you’re ready to start automating much of your testing. In this case you can swap some of your licenses into TestDrive. The story’s the same, no problem, no hassle, just swap.

The ability to flex your product mix will give you the confidence that you can always maximize the value of your investment with us. You know that getting the initial configuration exactly right is no longer a concern and that you will not end up with products on the shelf. Every dollar, pound or Euro invested will bring you the maximum possible return.

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