Configured For You

Our Qualify and TestDrive product suites are easily configured for you to exactly match your needs. All without a line of program code. But before we look at the extensive options for configuration, let’s look at what you get out of the box.

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A number of models are shipped with Qualify which are often enough to get you started. Choose Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid . We also have models for User Acceptance Testing, SAP and customers replacing HP QC/ALM.


Smoke tests may be the initial focus for your testing and TestDrive requires no further configuration. In addition the shipped configurations let you choose pre-configured settings for SAP, Oracle EBS, generic web sites and even legacy IBM green screen applications.


For many customers the out of the box options are great for a fast start. A few tweaks here and there are all that is needed. But as your confidence levels grow, you’ll want to take advantage of the incredible power available in these products, power that is accessible by you without a line of program code.


You can create new data stores, add new properties, calculate values, colour your data and discover data relationships. 

In addition you can define new user roles, integrate with other applications to form a single data portal and optimise your resources for greater productivity. 

These are just a few of the options available within Qualify.


When you’re ready to move beyond smoke tests TestDrive offer a wide range of options. What about a complete regression test at a touch of a button? That’s right, a complete regression test where every element on every screen is automatically verified against a baseline to identify any changes.

You can also look at items which are equally hard to check. Let’s check all the spelling, the performance the user experiences or even the load the application is placing on each PC.