Original Software has created UAT testing tools that ensure your software is tested through multiple cycles, on different platforms, and to meet your strict deadlines.

User Acceptance Testing Benefits

Enables easy IBM i series testing
We’re getting away from the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend for testing applications on different devices. Our new HTML5 emulator keeps with the standards of the i series IBM emulator without the excess cost of licensure.
Easy device emulations
Many older emulator versions require a heavy install so they were only good for PCs. Our HTML5 emulator doesn’t have client-side implementation issues so it’s suitable for use with any modern browser on any mobile device.
Aligns with IBM i compliancy standards
Supports all 5250 data streams so you don’t have to worry about compliancy issues. Although IBM has stopped further development, JAVA based tools are now in beta testing and offer a significantly lower cost option for testing
Saves times and budget on IBM I testing
Small changes equal large tests and even those with limited system knowledge can use our HTML5 emulator with little to no training. You no longer need to depend on key persons to deploy testing across numerous devices, lowering your cost to operate.
  • TestDrive-Assist provides you with a rich environment for manual testing, but the bigger payback is how it facilitates adoption of full automation.
    Paul Herzlich Software Testing Tools Analyst Ovum
  • Original Software is helping ACE move away from an entirely manual testing process and assists them in working towards efficient and risk free development
    Andrew George, Test Manager, Ace Europe
  • Over the past 12 months, TestBench from Original Software has conservatively saved Cargill Global Financial Solutions more than $270,000.
    Chip Lee, Product Manager, Cargill GFS
  • Organisations gain a centralised view of all their quality processes and tasks from project inception through to release. The product is also configurable to a great extent
    Michael Azoff, Ovum
  • They are committed to providing excellent
    Steve Sinclair, Technical Business Analyst, Jack Henry & Associates
  • It has saved the team many hundreds of
    Gerald Weichselbraun, Quality Manager, Coca-Cola Computer Services
  • A great way to accelerate an SAP
    Phil Court, Head of Information Systems, Marston’s
  • Testing productivity has increased
    Alan Massingham, QA Manager, Midcounties Co-operative
  • Best application purchasing decision we’ve ever
    J.P. Jones, CIO, Macerich
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User Acceptance Testing Features
Fully standard compliant with IBM i series emulator
Runs as an emulator on mobile devices
Fully testing compliant
Designed for easy testing
Enables test automation