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For short and long term success, software testing solutions need to be dynamic, flexible and able to be deployed easily and quickly amongst the broadest possible user-base.

Original Software is helping ACE move away from an entirely manual testing process and assists them in working towards efficient and risk free development delivery.

Andrew George, Test Manager, Ace Europe
TestDrive is our Automated Software Quality (ASQ) solution that addresses these requirements to achieve rapid automation. It is designed to test browser and legacy applications, as well as GUIs, including Java™, Ajax, Flex® and Silverlight®It’s device emulation support even enables you to test responsive web applications designed for mobile devices.

The next generation technology incorporated into TestDrive brings practical business benefits that offer you options. For example, you might choose to conduct more comprehensive testing in the same time frame to reduce risk, or carry out the same amount of testing but finish quicker, or to use fewer costly resources, or any combination of these. The choice is yours.

The result is higher quality applications, delivered to market in a shorter period of time. In essence, the whole application development process becomes more productive.

Original Software is very proud to have been nominated in four different categories by The (ATI) Automated Testing Institute for, “Best Automated Test Tool”. TestDrive was nominated under the Commercial Tools Category for:

  • Best Commercial FUNCTIONAL Automated Test Tool – Java
  • Best Commercial FUNCTIONAL Automated Test Tool – Flash/Flex
  • Best Commercial FUNCTIONAL Automated Test Tool – Web Services

Features and Benefits


  • Code-free testing technology
  • Test scenarios are created through point and click interface.
  • Self healing script technology
  • Variable data functionality supports data driven testing
  • Out of the box support for AJAX, .NET, Oracle, Java, JSP’s Perl, Python, PHP etc.


  • Remove your manual testing bottlenecks
  • Reduce your time to market
  • Increase test coverage
  • Minimise script maintenance
  • Achieve Agile automation

Downloads and Video

Test Drive is supported by Original Software on the following editions of Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 including the Pro, Education, and Enterprise versions and it is supported on all servicing branches until the end of the long term of service branch.

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