Dynamic Manual Testing

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TestDrive-Assist from Original Software is more than just a helping hand for manual testers, it’s been shown to cut up to half the time spent engaged in manual software testing.

TestDrive-Assist provides you with a rich environment for manual testing, but the bigger payback is how it facilitates adoption of full automation.

Paul Herzlich Software Testing Tools Analyst Ovum
100% automation is not normally achievable, and whatever level you hope to achieve, you still have to get there from a manual start. With manual testing representing such a significant share of testing effort, it can often be a bottleneck. The usual response to this issue is to throw more resources at the problem, but this isn’t sustainable and suffers from declining ROI. TestDrive-Assist is our solution that delivers practical and immediate benefit, enabling the transition from manual testing into automation quickly and easily. Because TestDrive-Assist requires such minimal training and set up time, it is an ideal entry level product for those testers who may not yet need or want full automation, but want some way of capturing their work and improve their efficiency. It is the only software testing solution to monitor applications and provide screen, input, database and test status information for manual tests.

Features and Benefits


  • Code-free testing technology
  • Spell checking function in different languages
  • Link checking
  • Results can be converted and added to regression test scenarios
  • Step by step capture details


  • Increase UAT productivity by a minimum of 50%
  • No need to write scripts in Word or Excel
  • Build a complete audit trail of test
  • Negate need to recreate any defect found
  • Fully documented errors, such as the MarkUp function

Downloads and Video

TestDrive-Assist is supported by Original Software on the following editions of Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 including the Pro, Education, and Enterprise versions and it is supported on all servicing branches until the end of the long term of service branch.


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