Intelligent Database Management and Verification

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Total Application Quality for SQL Server, Oracle and System i

Over the past 12 months, TestBench from Original Software has conservatively saved Cargill Global Financial Solutions more than $270,000.

Chip Lee, Product Manager, Cargill GFS

TestBench is our solution that uniquely addresses the validation of all database effects and the creation of cut down, representative test data to reduce test times and data footprints. Data confidentiality is addressed and the unique user-managed data roll-back capability reduces environment downtime, improving testing productivity and accuracy.

Traditionally, software test automation tools concentrate on testing only what the eye can see.Download PDF TestBench for IBM i Feature Summary We believe this strategy – looking for defects in only one area – to be an unacceptable compromise. We take a more holistic approach that embraces this visual layer but is equally rigorous in examining the underlying activity in the database. TestBench integrates with other testing solutions from Original Software in a way which is accessible to both users and testers to ensure you retain ‘total application quality’.

In short, TestBench is a class-leading, totally comprehensive, proven test data management and verification solution.

Features and Benefits


  • Intelligent data extraction
  • Data scrambling
  • Checkpoints and rollback
  • Table/file comparison
  • Result comparison


  • Ensure test data privacy for compliance
  • Manage your test environment effectively
  • Verify and validate your application data
  • Protect your test data
  • Extraction reports for auditing

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