TrackPath is a unique incident data collection and diagnostic tool designed to increase incident management efficiency. This product acts as a “black box flight recorder” of sorts for computers, providing businesses with a low cost, high value effective incident capture solution. 

TrackPath eliminates the need for manual reporting, as it keeps track of an application’s usage and it will automatically log any issues. In the event of service interruption or failure, this log can be instantly accessed to enable service desk respondents to easily locate the issue. 

This speedy and accurate direct communication betters response times and improves user experience in the process, which makes this system especially ideal for larger companies with multiple devices in use that are relying on a single central help desk for support.

Users no longer have to recall the steps that caused the issue, but instead with the click of a mouse, they can send through a fully documented audit trail from which the operator can work. This not only saves time, but also provides customer support with the most accurate reporting possible for swift, viable incident.

Zero Training, Zero Effort

TrackPath is so intuitive and simple it requires only basic computer knowledge. You don’t need to know programming or any other advanced computer skill. If you’re accustomed to surfing the Internet you’ll have no problem using TrackPath.

Any Microsoft Desktop

You don’t need to buy expensive equipment or anything special to use our software. If you have a Windows operating system desktop, with a common browser and are connected to high-speed Internet, the you’re ready to use TrackPath.

Easy Issue Reporting

TrackPath records everything you see and do, and so much more. Background info that can’t be seen normally will be included in the reporting so you’ll always have the accurate data you need to identify defects and how to recreate and correct them. All the data collected is presented in an easy to read and share format

Issue Focused

Get everything your help desk wants at the touch of a button. Simply select a number of recent screens and actions to include in the error report and optionally add a description and press Send. That’s it !

Documentation Facilitates Training

Perfect for learning what processes in your application can be streamlined. Since everything the user does is tracked and documented, you can quickly learn where to make adjustments to streamline interactions. Great for learning what steps and processes need to be changed and what can be used for training purposes.

Save Time

What a great way to make notes as you go, or to go back and enter comments on previous screenshots. TestDrive UAT is perfect for creating training materials or improving your applications. The easy to use format simplifies outdated methods for quickly documenting and improving processes.

Incident capture and diagnostics

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