TestDrive - the Test Automation Solution

TestDrive addresses the need to achieve rapid test automation. It is designed to test browser, client/server and legacy applications and its device emulation support even enables you to test responsive web applications designed for mobile devices. The result is higher quality applications, delivered to market in a shorter period of time. In essence, the whole application development process becomes more productive.

“TestDrive has proven itself to be a flexible and robust testing tool during the proof of concept phase at one of our major clients. We have been able to test full end to end processes covering a large percentage of the clients applications including SAP, SRM, CRM, BW, various web portals and other 3rd party applications. The support provided by Original Software has been excellent and very hands on.”

Mike Lewis Multifunctional SAP consultant, Enzen

What makes TestDrive superior?

The result is higher quality applications, delivered to market in a shorter period of time. In essence, the whole application development process becomes more productive.

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Robust Test Automation for Everyone

TestDrive remains the only code-free test automation product in the world.  It frees you from high cost, specialised automation engineers who become both a bottleneck and a cost burden on every project.

Code-free is at least  2 to 3 times more productive when compared to a coded approach. It is the difference between the success and failure of your automation initiatives.

TestDrive’s unique ability to check every element of every screen makes it the only viable way to run a full regression test. See how easy it can be with our How to Guides on Building a Regression TestPack  and Running a Regression Test. 

See our features and benefits lists below, which will show you just how TestDrive can uniquely overcome the challenges of delivering robust test automation.

Code Free

TestDrive takes automatic care of the issues that plague traditional code-based tools. Playback timing, screen shots, analysis of all the visible and invisible screen elements are all handled by TestDrive which lets you concentrate on the testing ! 

Human Ready

In addition to handling the automating of an application, TestDrive makes a point of presenting the screens, contents and input actions in a way that every user can understand. Since this patented technology is also used during playback it means scripts will continue to execute even when the contents of a screen or page have been re-arranged.

Multiple Applications

The unique structure of TestDrive Playlists and Scripts means that a single test can embrace multiple applications and technologies. Use a browser to buy a widget, process the order in SAP and even fulfill it in a legacy green screen application – all in a single test.

Full Content

TestDrive is configured to understand your applications automatically, getting the full content of each screen as it appears without the need to interrogate an item, click on it or write any code. This means that all the data is available to be tested, or used in processing. In a simple example this means that every item in a combobox can be verified rather than just the single item selected.


Applications change and it is the failure of coded test automation tools to handle this basic fact that frequently leads to them becoming shelf-ware. TestDrive in contrast will do its best to automatically adapt and if not will give the user the opportunity to dynamically amend the areas that need attention.

Modular Playlists

Uniquely TestDrive separates the instructions as to how to navigate an application from the logic, tests, data drivers and success criteria. If the application under test changes significantly and the navigation has to be replaced, it ensures that the business logic survives.

Data Driven

Data driven tests are fundamental to expanding the test coverage provided by your automation initiative. TestDrive is happy to be driven by spreadsheet data to override the script input values, to act as values to verify against and even updating columns so that the values can be used later in the test.

Checking Rules

The user can select which checking rules are to be verified as an automated test executes. These include base-line comparisons, specific content, spell-checks, link checks, hardware impact checks and performance checks.


All information including screen shots, content analysis, errors, mark-ups and performance data from a test execution is stored as part of a Test Result. This information can then be analysed in numerous ways within the Result Viewer.

Fast Test Automation over web and Green Screen​

A quick demonstration of how easy it is to perform a multiple UI automated test with TestDrive.
All achieved without a single piece of code. Watch here or alternatively you can download the transcript.

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Automated Regression Testing

How to automate regression testing, accelerate quality processes and increase test coverage.

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