100% automation is not normally achievable, and whatever level you hope to achieve, you still have to get there from a manual start. With manual testing representing such a significant share of testing effort, it can often be a bottleneck. The usual response to this issue is to throw more resources at the problem, but this isn’t sustainable and suffers from declining ROI.

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Dynamic Manual Testing

Manual testing is slow and repetitive and almost impossible to use as an approach for full regression testing. But does it have to be that way?

TestDrive-Assist tackles the key challenges of test documentation and defect reproduction. As an added bonus it can also simultaneously execute Quality Checks such as spelling, performance and hyperlink checking. It an even monitor what database activity has occurred during the course of each test.

And the added bonus is that any result saved from a TestDrive-Assist manual test can be immediately converted into a full automated tests asset.

See our features and benefits lists below, which will show you just how TestDrive-Assist can transform your manual testing.

Scripted or Exploratory

The test can be driven from a test script and steps supplied by a Quality Management solution such as Qualify. In this case the user is prompted with the test steps and they can pass or fail each as they are performed. If there is no detailed script, TestDrive-Assist is immensely valuable as it captures exactly what happened.

Screen Shots and Actions

Every action, click, input that the user performs is captured with reference to the screen they are on, and the controls or objects on that screen. The user just operates as normal with new screens or pages automatically identified. Each is immediately and fully documented without any additional action by the user. You will never have to go back and reproduce a problem, it is already fully captured.

Facilitates Process & Training Documentation

Of course, creating tests manually is a necessity in software development, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to reuse the test later. TestDrive Assist saves you time and effort by automatically saving tests and gives you the flexibility to modify the test for future use.

Quality Checks

Choose from an array of Quality Checks that TestDrive-Assist should automatically perform while you concentrate on executing the business process. Spelling, performance, hardware impact,and link checking are all included. Exact performance data is captured providing accurate measurement of the user experience.

Device Emulation

Users can click on any captured screen, not just the current one and highlight an area adding a comment. This might be to identify a problem, request a change or provide guidance notes for training materials.


If you spot something wring, either while you are testing or while you are reviewing any test results, you can simply add a mark-up to any screen, add some description and allocate any of for levels of error.


All information including screen shots, content analysis, test steps, errors, mark-ups and performance data from a test execution is stored as part of a Test Result. This information can then be analysed in numerous ways within the Result Viewer.

Raise Issues

Defects and non-conformances can be created while a test is in progress, optionally linked to a test step and with full reproduction steps automatically passed to the developer.

What Next