"Without TestBench we could not have installed the software in time. TestBench enabled a business-critical system to be live, on time, with full quality assurance.”

Darren Houghton, QA Manager HMV

TestBench is our solution that uniquely addresses the validation of all database effects and the creation of cut down, representative test data to reduce test times and data footprints. Data confidentiality is addressed and the unique user-managed data roll-back capability reduces environment downtime, improving testing productivity and accuracy.

Total Quality for SQL Server, Oracle and IBM i

Traditionally, software test automation tools concentrate on testing only what the eye can see.

Looking for defects in only one area is an unacceptable compromise. We take a more holistic approach that embraces this visual layer but is equally rigorous in examining the underlying activity in the database.

TestBench integrates with other testing solutions from Original Software in a way which is accessible to both users and testers to ensure you retain ‘total application quality’.

TestBench is a class-leading, totally comprehensive, proven test data management and verification solution.

Generates Smart Data Schema

Data without context is outdated. TestBench’s smart data retrieval means users will immediately know what the data means, where it’s coming from and what to do with it. Intelligent data streamlines application testing and development, creating a more efficient workflow.

Compliance with Data Protection Legislation

Compliance with data privacy legislation requires that live data is not available in test environments and that individuals cannot be identified. TestBench provides scrambling routines that enable effective obfuscation and de-identification, synchronizing the changes across the database to ensure consistent scrambling of values. true end-to-end testing.

Data Protection

The TestBench Environment component provides the ability to deploy a Checkpoint and Rollback strategy for a test data environment. A checkpoint can be set to define a ‘point-in-time’ marker to enable TestBench to ‘remember’ the state of the data. A rollback will return the data to the state it was when a specified checkpoint was set. Re-tests can the start immediately.

Faster Result Validation

Database effects from two runs of the same test scenario are compared. Differences in the tables affected, the number of operations on a table and differences in individual data elements are reported. When used with TestBench Data Protection, this feature provides the ability to understand the differences between two versions of the same process.

Intelligent Data Extraction

TestBench analyses the relationship between tables in a data environment to ensure that full referential integrity of the data is maintained when an extract is performed. This ensures a usable, working data environment for testing.

Selection & Sampling

Data selection for an extraction is defined by selection and sampling criteria. While selection is standard, sampling extracts data based on combinations of data values, with two or more data elements being used as the criteria for sampling. Sampling enables the creation of test data environments that are small while ensuring all relevant data scenarios are included.

Database Effects

TestBench reports all the Inserts, Updates and Deletes that occur in a test data environment when a test is performed. Details of the operations are captured and in the case of an update, the before and after status of the data is shown. This provides an understanding of the data part of an application function and aids in the verification of the data changes.

Data Rules

A data rule applies a set of rules to a database effect and provides notification of any variance. In effect, data rules are automated testing for database effects. Our support for database effects and rules uniquely tests the database activity enabling accuracy to be ensured at both the U.I. and database level.

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