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Taking the Agony out of UAT

How do you feel about UAT?
Annoying to perform
Time consuming
That’s all changed. Meet TestDrive-UAT

Until now, UAT has been a laborious chore, diverting subject matter experts from their primary roles and with no effective tools to help.

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Balancing Resources and Workloads to Hit Key Target Dates

Heavily loaded donkey

IT Project Visibility Finally Understood with Original Software’s Resource Management Solution

Original Software has today announced a fundamental expansion to the capabilities of Qualify, its industry leading application quality management (AQM) solution. This expansion enhances the ability of project managers to optimise all activities in real time and to efficiently allocate resources to meet the agreed target dates.

Qualify has already addressed some of the fundamental challenges faced by IT departments today – managing concurrent multiple projects using different development methodologies, embracing business users as well as IT professionals, acting as a portal into point IT applications such as Microsoft TFS and replacing restrictive, legacy test resource management tools.

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Original Software Compatible with Windows 10

windows 10

Software Suite Compatible with Microsoft’s New Developments

Original Software, the global provider of software quality technology, has today announced that after participating in the Windows 10 Beta Program, the company’s software is entirely compatible with the new developments for Windows.

Microsoft is due to release Windows 10 in mid 2015 but the exact date is yet to be announced. Once the new operating system has been released, compatibility will be included in the next major Original Software release.

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Original Software optimizes software testing resource management

– New version of Qualify provides real-time visibility and control –

15 May 2014: Original Software, the global software quality vendor, has today announced the latest release of Qualify, its industry leading application quality management (AQM) solution. The upgrade enhances the ability of project and test managers to optimize testing activities in real-time and meet project objectives with the most efficient use of resources.

Organizations often struggle to derive high quality, insightful management information on testing related activities.

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Original Software further reduces the pain of maintaining enterprise applications

New version of software quality suite resolves upgrade and patch headaches

London, 22nd November 2013: Original Software, the global software quality vendor, has today announced the release of Qualify 14, its industry leading application quality management (AQM) and test execution suite, which reduces validation testing work – required to ensure enterprise applications work correctly – by 75 per cent.

From every process a user conducts – for example, a finance team member creating an expense report in their ERP application – the new version of the software generates four key assets:

1. Business process description: pdf that describe the steps performed in every module of the application, complete with screenshots.

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Original Software further reduces length of ERP upgrade projects

Innovative technology that reduces IT’s reliance on users for system knowledge

Original Software, the software quality vendor, announces an innovation that extends to 30% the reduction it brings to the length of enterprise application upgrade projects.

The new technology, called Animation, allows users of enterprise apps to create in seconds an animated recording of how to perform a business process. The recording can be viewed by anyone with a Windows PC, enabling IT departments and their partners to understand the exact functionality the business requires.

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Original Software transforms the delivery of enterprise applications in a day

Rapid roll-out of quality management infrastructure and best practices

11 July 2013 – Original Software, the software quality solutions vendor, today announced the launch of Qualify Web, a browser version of its application quality management platform that enables organizations to deliver mission-critical enterprise applications quickly and cost effectively. The solution requires a single day to roll out and train users.

Qualify Web provides organizations with a quality management infrastructure, best practice testing processes, and a single point of contact for project managers, QA teams, business users, executives and others.

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Oracle Users Liberated From ERP Upgrade Nightmares

Original Software showcases a Faster, Easier, Safer approach to Oracle E-Business Suite upgrades at the OAUG COLLABORATE 12 show

Apr 17, 2012, – Original Software, the leading Application Quality Management (AQM) vendor, today announced an innovative four-pronged approach to help Oracle users reduce the pain of implementing ERP upgrades while reducing the associated risks. The impact of these ERP upgrades is often huge, while Original Software’s goal is to transform them into an “Easy Repeatable Process”.

“Each of these four elements are essential to transform the upgrade landscape”, commented Colin Armitage, CEO at Original Software, “and it is their cohesive integration that is the key.”

The first element is an AQM system that provides the essential communication, collaboration and controls for each project.

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Original Software Enhances Support for .Net Development Teams

The open platform provided by Qualify, a complete Application Quality Management solution, makes integration with 3rd party tools, such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 seamless and uncomplicated

15 November 2011 – Original Software, a leading Application Quality Management, (AQM) vendor, announced today that Qualify, its solution for managing the quality lifecycle of any application, has added Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010, to the list of 3rd party point solutions that it works with. TFS is a Microsoft tool used to support Visual Studio .Net developments. Qualify already integrates with defect tracking tools, such as Bugzilla and JIRA, as well as the open development platform, Eclipse.

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While HP Plays Catch Up, Original Software Continues to Innovate

New version of its manual and automated software quality suite set to be the only force in agile test automation

21 December 2010 Original Software, the Application Quality Management (AQM) and Automated Software Quality (ASQ) vendor, today announced the release of its latest version of TestDrive, the only agile test automation solution in the market place, and TestDrive-Assist, the leading dynamic manual testing solution.
Version 7 is in direct response to an independent study undertaken earlier this year which revealed that the need for enhanced business agility was the highest rated market driver for improving software quality. With more complexity in IT projects and a need to respond faster to changing markets, development and QA teams have had to adapt the way they work.

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