A Layout contains information relating to the data and physical organization of panels for one or more entities. If you open a single grid of data, manipulate then save that grid, it gets saved as a View which can be re-used by either dragging it from the left-hand panel into an open layout or using the ‘View’ option when viewing data for the same entity. If you add to a single grid of data using the View option from a record to open an additional grid of related data, this becomes a Layout when saved. The grids within the layout are no longer independent Views, any changes apply just to this layout and they do not exist independently. Clicking a layout in the left-hand panel will cause that data to be displayed in the main user area. Once the layout is displayed, the layout navigator shows what level of the layout you currently are in for the displayed data.

Alternatively, layouts can be built from views or charts which are not linked. Once you have one view or chart open, drag another from the left-hand area and drop it into the main user area to add it to the layout. It can then be moved to the desired position, see the following section for more information.