NHS Highland - saving time and resources in UAT

NHS Highland – saving time and resources in UAT

“A useful addition to capturing the user acceptance process that keeps our testing approach and documentation to a standard format. This has saved us time and been useful to pass on to suppliers for fault diagnosis”.
Alec MacIver – Ehealth Systems Infrastructure Manager – NHS Highland

NHS Highland use a plethora of applications across many platforms and technologies. Confidence in these applications is critical, as defects can literally mean life or death for their patients, putting the spotlight on Quality Assurance throughout the organisation. As one of the largest employers in the world, the NHS has many teams working across many systems, which can make collaboration and traceability extremely challenging, giving way to inefficiencies, such as effort duplication and establishing what has or hasn’t been actioned.
This is where Original Software’s Qualify helped save time and resources by enabling NHS Highland’s test process to be standardised and all testing assets to be stored centrally; promoting collaboration, providing traceability and reducing overall time spent on documenting manual tests across multiple teams.
TestDrive-Assist– Original Software’s manual testing
tool – has streamlined execution and evidencing of manual tests, also facilitating the creation of training documentation and reporting of failures to the necessary supplier, without having to take a single manual screenshot. This is particularly powerful for NHS Highland, who had previously generated and maintained training material manually – a much slower and less efficient process – and found fault diagnosis a huge drain on resources.

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