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Original Software and SOSY provide advanced software testing solutions for Nordic iSeries users

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June, 12, 2006 – Original Software, a leader in software test automation, today announced that their full line of automated testing solutions for the IBM iSeries market is now available to the Nordic market through IT services company, SOSY (

“Our partnership with the Original Software and their automated software testing brings a strong addition to SOSY’s software management,” said SOSY Managing Director Helle Maling. “Now we can provide project management of the entire development process from the initial specifications through development to roll-out of the new version of the software, check performance for the developed applications, and ensure they are properly tested.”

“Putting testing solutions that work in the hands of the QA and development team is critical to the software industry,” said Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software.

Original Software expands Americas operation

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Greg Sengpiel Joins as General Manager, Americas

February, 7, 2006 – Original Software today announced that Mr. Greg Sengpiel has joined the company as general manager for the Americas, to spearhead the company’s continued expansion in the market. Mr.

Original Software focuses on channel and alliance relations

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Stuart Lockyer appointed Channel and Alliances Manager of worldwide operations

February, 6, 2006 – Original Software today announced a new dedicated channel and alliance program, to be directed by the Channel and Alliances Manager, Mr. Stuart Lockyer. In this new position, Lockyer will expand and manage the company’s customer base throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

Stress testing, other new features added to TestBench

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Original Software has unveiled version 4.0 of its automated software testing solution, TestBench for iSeries, at its first US user conference.

October, 15, 2005 – New features in this major release include Stress Testing, Results Compare, Data Warping and many other powerful capabilities. Enhancements to existing functionality include greatly improved performance of its Native Record and Playback green screen application testing feature.

Original Software hosts software testing conference

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OSG’s second annual international symposium was the best place to glean technical knowledge of automated software testing tools.

September, 29, 2005 – Software test automation experts at The Original Software Group, Ltd. held their fifth annual International Software Testing Conference last week.

Original Software unveils TestDrive-Gold

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When thorough software testing is performed, the benefits can be in the millions

June, 26, 2005 – Colin Armitage, chief executive of testing tool specialist Original Software, parses few words when it comes to describing the state of automated testing tools. “Test automation, as it’s been for the last 15 years, has largely failed. It just doesn’t work,” he says.

Data sensitivity issues and corporate compliance, where do companies stand?

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Extractor Compliance Edition addresses compliance legislation requirements

March, 26, 2005 – Personal and private data usage by companies is strictly controlled by a host of regulatory constraints across the world. Examples are: the Data Protection Act in the UK, HIPAA and Gramm Leach Bliley in the US, PIPEDa in Canada etc. Any company that handles personal or potentially sensitive data is required to exercise extreme caution in the ways that such data is stored and handled.

TestSmart module makes test data creation simple

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Optimised Variable Data module from Original Software delivers productive testing

October, 18, 2004 – Original Software has advanced the state of Variable Data Technology and included this functionality in a new TestBENCH snap in module called TestSmart. Announced at its annual user conference in Chicago last week, TestSmart enables a single test script to replicate multiple business scenarios, which cuts down on testing time.

The challenge for testers is to develop scripts that can reflect the complexities of real world usage of the application under test – without creating an unmanageable workload.

World’s first dedicated test automation for Lotus Notes, Domino apps unveiled

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TestDrive-Gold scores a first for out-of-the-box automated testing

September, 26, 2004 – Over the past twenty years Lotus Notes has grown one of the world’s largest user bases, supporting mission-critical applications for companies across the globe. But there has never been a dedicated resource for automated testing of these applications – until now. Original Software, Inc creators of some of the world’s most widely-used and innovative software testing solutions, has unveiled an enhanced version of TestDrive-Gold, a powerful automated testing solution that analyses Lotus Notes and Domino GUI screens at the object level and flags defects so developers can fix them before they confound end users.

New TestPLAN release helps companies use corporate compliance to save money

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Software product designed for compliance-led applications using fewer resources

April, 26, 2004 – Corporate compliance legislation – with incoming regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel-II, and existing regulations such as FDA, FSA etc – is an increasingly hot topic. A recent survey conducted by leading UK software testing vendor Original Software showed that almost half of UK respondents were actively involved in dealing with corporate compliance issues, with Sarbanes-Oxley by far the most common. Correspondingly, Original Software has released a new version of its popular test process management solution, TestPLAN, that includes features designed specifically to help companies meet the corporate compliance challenge.

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