TestWEB offers powerful new browser testing capabilities

***Please note that, as of February 01 2006, all TestWEB technology has been integrated into a new product called TestDrive***

Original Software releases version 2.0 of its Web testing solution for IBM DB2, SQL Server and Oracle users

March, 24, 2004 – Original Software, established as the world’s leading provider of software testing solutions for the IBM iSeries, has released version 2.0 of its cross-platform Web testing solution TestWEB. The new version introduces better object property recognition, enhanced screen error recognition and faster record and playback technology – designed to make the process of browser screen capture and analysis faster and more detailed than ever before.

Corporate web site development continues to be driven by the pressure to deliver business advantage at the earliest opportunity. This usually means more functionality, which in turn increases a site’s technical complexity. But all too often, stretched development resources reduce ‘Web testing’ to no more than stress testing of Web-enabled applications, rather than the detailed and aggressive functional testing that is required. This puts system quality and stability at great risk of failure – and in front of a company’s largest and least forgiving audience. TestWEB has been conceived and developed to deliver powerful yet easy-to-use Web application testing, to encourage businesses to take Web testing more seriously, to make better use of the available testing resources and to limit corporate risk and exposure dramatically.

TestWEB is unique in its ability to work on a number of levels, from ‘traditional’ stand-alone PC-based browser testing, to complete testing of back-end server activity on the IBM iSeries. TestWEB is also compatible with IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Access databases: this enables central storage of test scripts, data documentation and results on these platforms, making testing resources much more widely available.

Version 2.0 of TestWEB introduces a range of improvements to test process efficiency. Some of the highlights are:

* The use of ‘single-thread’ technology during script recording to make Web page analysis faster
* BusySense technology to make playback quicker and smoother
* Capture and display of *all* properties of objects or components on a Web page
* Enhanced screen error detection, so that objects on a Web page that have changed between script runs are picked up and highlighted.

All screen information is displayed in a new interface that combines content, properties and input reports with a graphic representation of the page.

In its most powerful configuration, on the IBM iSeries, TestWEB integrates with TestBench for iSeries, Original Software’s flagship testing suite. The TestBench interface means that all iSeries server activity associated with a web application is captured and analysed. This includes server process tracking, data protection and script storage, as well as tracking and analysis of all related database activity. This configuration makes TestWEB the only Web testing model to provide true end-to-end testing of complete e-business applications.

“The new release of TestWEB strengthens our competitive advantage over other Web testing solutions,” comments George Wilson, Operations Director for Original Software. “TestWEB is unique in terms of ability to both analyse objects and components at the visual layer and look ‘beneath the covers’ of a Web-enabled application.”

TestWEB also integrates with Original’s TestPLAN module, which combines test planning and management facilities with the ability to launch test scripts and view test results.

TestWEB version 2.0 is available immediately from Original Software. Pricing is based on a concurrent user model.

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