Original Software Enhances Support for .Net Development Teams

The open platform provided by Qualify, a complete Application Quality Management solution, makes integration with 3rd party tools, such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 seamless and uncomplicated

15 November 2011 – Original Software, a leading Application Quality Management, (AQM) vendor, announced today that Qualify, its solution for managing the quality lifecycle of any application, has added Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010, to the list of 3rd party point solutions that it works with. TFS is a Microsoft tool used to support Visual Studio .Net developments. Qualify already integrates with defect tracking tools, such as Bugzilla and JIRA, as well as the open development platform, Eclipse.

“The majority of our customers operate in a cross-platform environment and we are often being asked to integrate with the other tools that they already have in place,” says Colin Armitage, CEO at Original Software. “Microsoft has delivered a strong solution for use in development work tasks, code creation and source control, but TFS is simply unable to scale beyond small development teams into a multi-project, multi-platform, resource management centre like Qualify can.”

Qualify brings effective Quality Management right into the heart of the software delivery process. The solution unites all aspects of the software delivery lifecycle from requirements through to release. It is also fully integrated with Original Software’s manual and automated test execution solutions for the user interface and database layers. Qualify encompasses requirements, planning, scheduling, resource management, test execution, defect management and reporting in one platform, ensuring collaboration and communication between and within various teams and projects. The methodology agnostic and entirely code free solution, which is also great for an agile environment, also comes complete with a smart phone interface, allowing instant access to cross-project information from just about anywhere.

The solution sits above TFS, offering a single collaboration and management platform. Users can view all aspects of their multi-project, multi-team and cross-platform development streams. Where there is a .Net development infrastructure, users can see a totally integrated view of their TFS work items and status, update them in place and expose the information to all interested parties.

Armitage concludes: “All our solutions are code-free and easy to use and we are finding that customers are embracing this code-free approach in order to empower their QA teams, rather than add additional maintenance burdens, via coded methods, to an already stretched software delivery team.”

The Qualify module for TFS is available now. More information about the solution can be found here.

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