Taking the Agony out of UAT

How do you feel about UAT?
Annoying to perform
Time consuming

That’s all changed. Meet TestDrive-UAT

Until now, UAT has been a laborious chore, diverting subject matter experts from their primary roles and with no effective tools to help. Yet you cannot ignore UAT. Application quality is a business critical issue and users have a key part to play.

UAT can understandably be viewed as a distraction and an annoyance to the business users involved but UAT is an essential step before an application can be deployed and you need proof of the extent and diligence of the testing performed. Armed with that proof you can make a risk-based assessment of your readiness to deploy the application into the live environment.

With TestDrive-UAT you can make user acceptance testing as easy as child’s play

Colin Armitage CEO of Original Software elaborates “TestDrive-UAT goes to the heart of the UAT pain making the automatic complete documentation of all test activity totally intuitive without needing the tester to alter their behaviour at all. It can even document your business processes and produce your training materials. Combined with Qualify, our Application Quality Management platform, the entire process can be planned, managed and tracked to give the feedback needed for the entire team.”

Fast, indestructible and supporting every PC application and browser TestDrive-UAT is the single product you will need to handle all your UAT needs.Designed specifically for UAT, it is intuitive with a simple UI requiring little support or training.

Download TestDrive-UAT and see for yourself during our free trial period



About Original Software: Original Software enables organizations to meet their objectives more rapidly by delivering enterprise application functionality frequently and efficiently. Knowledge workers and IT professionals use our technology to streamline user acceptance testing, conference room pilots, manual and automated testing, project management, and regulatory audit of applications. The software provides the fastest way to capture and share business processes, validate application functionality, and manage projects in real-time. Customers report massive increases in productivity, enabling them to keep up with changing business needs while reducing cost. More than 500 organizations, of all sizes and industries and operating in over 30 countries count on Original Software every day. https://www.origsoft.com

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