Original Software in Pole Position to Support Internet Explorer 9

As Microsoft reveals its newest browser, Original Software continues to stay abreast of the latest browser technology with its software testing solutions

14 March 2011, – Original Software, a leading vendor in Application Quality Management (AQM) and Automated Software Quality (ASQ) solutions, today announced that TestDrive, the only agile test automation solution in the market place already supports Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), prior to Microsoft’s official launch later in March. This support comes ahead of other suppliers of testing software.

Analyst research¹ cites that support for emerging technology continues to be an area of concern for users of test automation products. IE9 represents just one of the rapid changes in technology and the need to test on multiple browsers.

“Original Software has always been a pioneer in the testing industry and it has always been our mission to support the world’s most popular browser from day one of its next release,” said Colin Armitage, CEO at Original Software. “In general new technology is developing much faster than the testing function, making it difficult at best to test many cutting edge technologies. However, we’re ahead of the curve with TestDrive and our customers can ensure that the rollout of their web applications won’t be delayed if there are any IE9 compatibility issues.”

TestDrive is an automated testing solution designed to test GUI and browser applications “out-of-the-box”. Significant reductions in timescales and advanced levels of quality can be achieved without the complexity of traditional testing tools. TestDrive provides repeatable, reusable, automated test assets for unattended regression testing. With support for IE9, users will be able to take a library of IE8 scripts and play them back on IE9 to test applications over the new browser without having to make changes to the scripts.

Microsoft is focused on encouraging developers to build new websites and user experiences on IE9 and the developer community are getting excited about its speed and ease of use. Armitage adds: “This is in perfect synergy with TestDrive, which is equally fast and unobtrusive, allowing the user to execute tests at accelerated speed.”

¹ Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites” by Thomas E. Murphy, January 31, 2011

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