Balancing Resources and Workloads to Hit Key Target Dates

IT Project Visibility Finally Understood with Original Software’s Resource Management Solution

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Original Software has today announced a fundamental expansion to the capabilities of Qualify, its industry leading application quality management (AQM) solution. This expansion enhances the ability of project managers to optimise all activities in real time and to efficiently allocate resources to meet the agreed target dates.

Qualify has already addressed some of the fundamental challenges faced by IT departments today – managing concurrent multiple projects using different development methodologies, embracing business users as well as IT professionals, acting as a portal into point IT applications such as Microsoft TFS and replacing restrictive, legacy test resource management tools. This creates a single view into all IT activity while embracing best of breed systems for areas such as change management.

Armed with this visibility, project managers can use Qualify as a knowledge base and can allocate resources easily to all of the different activities that represent a project. But today’s announcement factors-in the project teams’ working hours, roles and practices to provide a single dashboard across all activity. This highlights where resources have been over or under allocated as well as illustrating the effect on the intended target dates so adjustments can be quickly implemented.

Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software explains: “Businesses face significant pressure when going through a software implementation or upgrade and this new version of Qualify helps them to take a more efficient approach to QA and testing. The resource management information and planning capability help organizations respond quickly to changes across their software projects and make the most efficient use of resources.”
Armitage adds: “It is genuinely exciting to see the way customers are applying Qualify to match the way they work and these new resource management capabilities will support them into the PMO and beyond.”

Editors’ Notes:

About Original Software: Original Software enables organizations to meet their objectives more rapidly by delivering enterprise application functionality frequently and efficiently. Knowledge workers and IT professionals use our technology to streamline user acceptance testing, conference room pilots, manual and automated testing, project management, and regulatory audit of applications. The software provides the fastest way to capture and share business processes, validate application functionality, and manage projects in real-time. Customers report massive increases in productivity, enabling them to keep up with changing business needs while reducing cost. More than 400 organizations, of all sizes and industries and operating in over 30 countries count on Original Software every day.

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