Original Software Jump Start Quality Automation at TestExpo

The industry thought leaders in application quality, present a strategy for moving into software test automation with less stress!

20th June, 2012 – Original Software, a leading vendor in Application Quality Management (AQM) and Automated Software Quality (ASQ) solutions, today announced its attendance at the TestExpo event where, one of the company’s leading application quality experts, Jonathan Pearson, will be presenting a conference session on the subject of moving from manual testing to automation.

TestExpo is a free event aimed at everyone with an interest in software quality. It takes place Thursday, 21st June 2012, at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London. Jonathan Pearson’s presentation ‘Jump Starting Your Quality Automation Strategy’ starts at 2pm and will explore what determines the short and long term success of test automation, what to automate and what to leave as manual and how you can jump to automation in a seamless and painless manner.

“Since the first automation tools appeared on the horizon over 25 years ago, software test automation has been heralded as one of the saviours of IT development teams. Yet even in today’s world of pervasive automation, manual testing is still a vital part of the software testing process – 80% of testing is still carried out manually due to the failure of automated testing processes. The vast majority of tools available use scripting language, which is fundamentally limiting, requiring specialist technical skills and can be difficult to find and expensive to hire,” expanded Jonathan Pearson.

Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software, said: “Even though software test automation has been available for over a quarter of a century, the practice still has many sceptics, and the biggest barrier to adoption remains the level of maintenance required to sustain it. Achieving just a moderate level of automation coverage requires considerable investment of budget and resource. With increasing software development complexity and more and more IT departments taking on an agile approach, traditional test automation has become too cumbersome for most to sustain.”

Since its launch in 1996, TestExpo has grown to become a respected source of testing news and innovation and a valuable forum for debate, discussion and networking amongst testing professionals. It is free to attend, and interested parties should register for TestExpo at: http://www.testexpo.co.uk.

For more information about Original Software’s unique approach to automated software quality, please visit: https://www.origsoft.com/testexpo

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About Original Software:
With a world class record of innovation, Original Software offers a solution focused completely on the goal of effective quality management. By embracing the full spectrum of Application Quality Management across a wide range of applications and environments, the company partners with customers and helps make quality a business imperative. Solutions include a quality management platform, manual testing, full test automation and test data management, all delivered with the control of business risk, cost, time and resources in mind.

More than 400 organisations operating in over 30 countries use Original Software solutions. Current users range from major multi-nationals to small software development shops, encompassing a wide range of industries, sectors and sizes. We are proud of our partnerships with the likes of Coca-Cola, Cargill, HSBC, FedEx, Pfizer, DHL and many others.

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