New Portal from Original Software enables better test-team collaboration

August, 5, 2008 – Original Software, the testing solution vendor, today announced the launch of Original Software Manager, a brand new test-asset management portal, providing a single point of entry to the complete Original Software product set.

Using a simple file structure within Windows Explorer, workspaces can be stored locally or put on the network to share between test teams. It allows better organisation of all the assets involved on test projects, from automation, workflow and manual testing tools, to test plans, scripts and action maps, as well as supporting documents and spread sheets.

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TestBench for iSeries v6.3 increases test coverage and saves hours of testing time

August, 5, 2008 – Original Software, the testing solution vendor, today announced the availability of TestBench for iSeries 6.3.

Customer demand has driven the latest enhancements to TestBench for iSeries which is spearheaded by a new report compare facility, reducing the risk of undetected errors and allowing testers to accurately and quickly identify faults within reports.

“Report Compare is an invaluable asset for our test team” said Dale Cook, Manager of Software Development at customer Euronet.

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Reliance IT team reduces testing bottleneck by 80% and wins back business confidence

June, 26, 2008 – Reliance Security Services, an established market leader in the provision of manpower and electronic security solutions, has utilized Original Software’s end-to-end testing solution to enable its IT team to respond to the increasing demands of the business, re-build confidence in IT and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Since implementation, Reliance has seen the productivity of its programmers increase by 20%, and general test cycles reduce by 80%, whilst enabling a greater breadth of testing, reducing errors and improving user confidence in IT. It has also reduced the cost of back-filling user testing resources.

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Original Software sees rising demand to protect mission-critical applications

CIO prayers are answered with the first manual testing solution to support the IBM Mainframe

May, 7, 2008 – Original Software, the automated software testing vendor, today announced the availability of an upgrade for its popular manual testing solution, TestDrive-Assist. Due to increasing pressure on CIOs to reduce risk on mission-critical applications, Original Software has experienced considerable demand to extend its support to the IBM mainframe.

TestDrive-Assist is designed to help business analysts, QA teams and user-acceptance testers in detecting and reproducing errors, sharing knowledge, and producing audit-quality diagnostics and reporting.

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Original Software hands out an aspirin for CIOs

Knowledge center helps with headaches caused by testing in the development cycle

April, 3, 2008 – Original Software, a leader in next-generation software test automation, today announced the launch of and the latest version of TestDrive-Assist, a testing tool which can help speed up application delivery by over a third. With testing typically taking up to 40 percent of the overall development, serves as a knowledge center for CIOs to ease the increasing pressure placed upon them to rapidly develop high quality business applications. The resources available will assist CIOs and IT Managers in accelerating time-to-market on new projects, reducing risk, improving efficiency and slashing the overheads involved on new developments.

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An Aspirin For The Testing Community

Original Software launches TestDrive-Assist and community site with free downloads

April 3, 2008 – Original Software, a leader in next-generation software test automation, today announced the launch of and the latest version of TestDrive-Assist, its unique solution aimed at streamlining the manual testing process without taking away any control from the tester. is a community site for software quality professionals containing numerous free resources designed to alleviate the headaches caused by the burden of time-consuming manual testing on QA departments. The site also features a free trial download of the newly-launched product, which can reduce the time spent on manual testing by over a third.

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Original Software Enhances TestDrive-Assist To Make the Manual Testing of Software Less… Manual

New Link-Checking, Spell Check and Markup Tracking Enhances Active Support Solution for Manual Software Testing

March, 27, 2008 – Checking links is a time consuming and frustrating proposition, especially for complex websites with constantly changing content, updates and external links. TestDrive-Assist not only checks and flags potential problems, but it creates an annotated list of many different types of link errors from “server not found” or “timed-Out” to “redirect,” which helps developers determine how to pinpoint and fix problems.

Spell Checking
Any application that is being monitored can also be optionally checked for spelling errors.

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Next Generation Software Testing Arrives In Israel Thanks to Original Software

IT and QA departments no longer have to put up with legacy software testing tools,
thanks to the introduction of a Hebrew version of TestDrive.

December, 27, 2007 – For the last twenty years, automated testing in Israel has been dominated by tools that use complicated scripting languages. These tools are notoriously difficult to set up, complicated to run, and extremely labour intensive to maintain.

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Original Demonstrates Latest Version of Intelligent Data Extraction for Oracle at Oracle OpenWorld

Only Software Testing Solution for Oracle to Analyze and Test Applications at both Database Level and Visual Layer

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 11, 2007 – Original Software, a leader in software test automation, today demonstrated the latest version of its Intelligent Data Extraction solution which allows, for the first time, Oracle users to test applications at the database level as well as the visual layer. This new functionality for the Oracle market is part of the company’s flagship TestBench automated software testing solution which provides a Total Testing development and quality assurance solution.

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Retailer Anna’s Linens Selects Original Software

Automated Software Testing Helps Retailer More Quickly and Accurately Test its Merchandise Management and Financial Applications

November, 4, 2007 – Home fashion retailer Anna’s Linens has turned to Original Software, a leader in software test automation, to provide a complete quality assurance and testing solution to help the national retailer streamline application updates and enhancements of their merchandise management and financials applications.

The California-based retailer, with 225 250 stores in 17 20 states, recently purchased Original Software’s TestBench solution to more thoroughly test applications from both a visual and data perspective. Anna’s Linens was attracted to the accuracy and automated features of the Original Software solutions as well as the products’ ability to manage the test data.

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