Euronet PINs Down its Software Quality with Original Software

Transformed quality process reduces business risks and increases staff productivity

7 February 2011, – Euronet the industry leader in processing secure electronic financial transactions, has utilised software from Original Software to enhance its quality processes, minimise business risk and deliver a superior application to its end users quickly and easily.

Doug Goodwin, Vice President of Global Development claims: “The solution from Original Software has helped us to significantly reduce any business risks resulting from less than superior quality in our software. We’ve been really impressed with the level of customer service provided by the company; they’ve been responsive to our needs and dedicated in helping us succeed.”

As an industry leader in processing secure electronic financial transactions, Euronet offers payment and transaction processing solutions to financial institutions, retailers, service providers and individual consumers. The critical and timely nature of its customers’ business and the sensitive nature of the data it deals with, means that quality is a very necessary commercial imperative, especially if Euronet’s level of corporate risk is to be reduced. As such, Euronet is committed to developing and delivering superior software quality to its customers.

A Business Transformation
Dale Cook, Manager of Software Development, Euronet, explains “We have made significant savings initially in terms of storage capacity, reducing the size of our test environments by around 85 percent. The new suite has allowed us to look at test planning from a whole new perspective and change the way that we addressed quality assurance within the organisation. Within the year, we have been able to more fully regression test each new release. We’ve been really impressed with the new solution, the use of variable data and the ability of the scripts to self-heal is so powerful, facilitating re-use of a single script multiple times. Instead of manually testing one account combination and all its permutations, we can now automate the testing of 15.”

Full Automation and Test Data Management
Euronet has the added challenge of having its test environments conform to payment card industry standards when ensuring software quality.

The database extraction functionality within Original Software’s TestBench allows test teams to quickly and easily extract data from live systems, creating a subset for use in a realistic testing environment. Data scrambling allows for the sanitisation of customer records and high risk items, safeguarding the records, as well as the company itself, from legal ramifications and compliance laws. The data protection module allows users to create checkpoints, rolling back the changes and resetting the environment if it becomes corrupted by any testing activity, thus ensuring its ability to be re-used on further developments or regression tests.

By implementing TestDrive, Euronet has moved away from a once annual, very manual, labour intensive process to being able to more fully regression test on each new software release. With wider test coverage, the software releases now provide the end user with significantly less business risks and at the same time have lowered the number and severity of support calls to Euronet.


About Euronet: (
Euronet Worldwide is an industry leader in processing secure electronic financial transactions. The Company offers payment and transaction processing solutions to financial institutions, retailers, service providers and individual consumers. These services include comprehensive ATM, POS and card outsourcing services; card issuing and merchant acquiring services; software solutions; consumer money transfer and bill payment services; and electronic distribution for prepaid mobile airtime and other electronic payment products.

Euronet’s global payment network is extensive — including 10,519 ATMs, approximately 56,000 EFT POS terminals and a growing portfolio of outsourced debit and credit card services which are under management in 30 countries; card software solutions; a network of approximately 541,000 POS terminals at approximately 266,000 retailer locations in 29 countries; and a consumer-to-consumer money transfer network of approximately 104,900 locations serving 130 countries. With corporate headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, USA, and 40 worldwide offices, Euronet operates and processes transactions from 50 countries and serves clients in approximately 150 countries.

About Original Software: (
With a world class record of innovation, Original Software offers a solution focused completely on the goal of effective quality management. By embracing the full spectrum of Application Quality Management across a wide range of applications and environments, the company partners with customers and helps make quality a business imperative. Solutions include a quality management platform, manual testing, full test automation and test data management, all delivered with the control of business risk, cost, time and resources in mind.

More than 400 organisations operating in over 30 countries use Original Software solutions. Current users range from major multi-nationals to small software development shops, encompassing a wide range of industries, sectors and sizes. We are proud of our partnerships with the likes of Coca-Cola, Cargill, HSBC, FedEx, Pfizer, DHL and many others.

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