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Testing a web application designed for mobile devices falls into two major categories: functional and compatibility Mobile Testing.

Functional testing can be performed in a desktop environment as we are validating that the application performs the desired functions correctly. However, for compatibility tests, we need to ensure that the tests are run across as many combinations of hardware and operating system as possible.


Simple, cost-effective testing Mobile Testing

TestDrive by Original Software offers simple, cost-effective testing of responsive web applications.

Its code free scripting environment enables rapid test creation, coupled with execution, over a wide variety of emulated environments and form-factors, such as Apple,  Google, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and other popular devices.

Furthermore, these tests can be run in conjunction with tests over other platforms, such as your CRM. Enabling true end-to-end testing.

Mobile Website Testing, how can you ensure your website renders correctly on a multitude of devices

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Our products

Test Automation

  • Human ready
  • 100% code free
  • Self-healing
  • One test-multiple applications
  • Full content

Manual Testing

  • Dynamic manual testing
  • Test documentation
  • Defect reproduction
  • Quality checks
  • Database activity monitoring

Quality Management

  • Single unified view
  • Instant access from all devices
  • Real-time decision-making
  • Workflows
  • Completely customisable

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