All Media Coverages From September, 2014

MC Press

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Author: John Ghrist

Bugs in software can be due as much to organizational problems as bad coding. Finding errors reliably often requires some help.

When you stop and consider how complex some of today’s software applications can be, it can seem like a minor miracle that they work as advertised. As we all know though, applications often don’t do what they’re supposed to do or don’t do it the right way. When that happens, software testing tools and methodologies can be an important remedy.

Oracle Scene

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Author: Colin Armitage

With the E-Business Suite upgrade deadline looming, many companies are either grappling with the challenges of making the transition or dealing with the aftermath of the process. The need to optimise processes and software is more pressing than ever but if business processes are not documented in glorious, gory detail organisations could not only find themselves floundering at the first upgrade hurdle but more importantly they could be leaving themselves open to significant risk.

Retail Week

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Author: Rebecca Thomson

Arcadia is continuing on its quest to overhaul its IT systems, this time announcing a contract that, it is hoped, will speed up and improve its supply chain overhaul.

The retail group, owned by Sir Philip Green, has started a multi-million pound migration to a new supply chain system and is working with suppliers including Oracle and Manhattan Associates.