All Media Coverages From April, 2014

Computer Weekly

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Author: Cliff Saran

Organisations still running Oracle E-Business Suite release 11.x have less than a year to move to the 12.x release. But many have yet to start their migration project.

Oracle has said while its Sustaining Support service for Oracle E-Business Suite release 11.5.10, will be provided from December 2013 to December 2015, it will only provide payroll regulatory updates for the US, Canada, UK and Australia for fiscal years ending in 2014.


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Author: Test Driven

Centre of excellence. What a phrase. The NASA Space Center has truly been a centre of excellence, making its reputation not only from its successes but for the manner in which it reacts to failure.

It has learned lessons from each failure and then striven to ensure that not only were such failures not repeated, but that the lessons were applied to future successful missions.

Retail Technology

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Automated software testing is helping the largest independent co-operative in the UK improve the quality and speed to market of customer-facing software in support of an advanced communication strategy.