Manual Testing ROI Calculator

Dynamic Manual Testing

This online Manual Testing ROI Calculator is based on real-life examples of savings made by customers of Original Software. By considering project costs and current testing practices and timescales against those of other companies, Original Software is able to estimate the potential savings that a company could make with TestDrive-Assist. Although just an indication, the results are nearly always staggering.

TestDrive-UAT provides you with a rich environment for manual testing, but the bigger payback is how it facilitates adoption of full automation

Paul Herzlich Software Testing Tools Analyst Ovum

So how much you could save? Find out now in just a couple of minutes.

To use the ROI Calculator simply type in the number of testers in your team and the associated cost per hour and let the calculator do the rest!

Number OfHourly Rate% Time Spent Testing
QA Staff:$
Business Analysts:$
Users (for UAT):$
What % of entire testing is manual:
Typical test cycle duration (weeks):
Total cost of testing pa: $0.00
Total cost of manual testing: $0.00
Total cost with TestDrive-UAT: $0.00
A Saving Of: $0.00
New duration (Weeks): 0.0
Extra test cycles available to you: 0

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