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One of the most disrupting, time consuming, and expensive issues that can hit the modern work place, is when business-critical applications crash. It’s not just the time lost in trying to find a workaround or solution, but also potentially any security or data breaches that need to be dealt with.

A way to make this situation easier is if the user can accurately explain what was happening on their machine when the error occurred. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds. Typically, the user will not know what they were doing, what other applications may have been running and they may not even have been at their desk at the time of the problem. These issues further compound the difficulties that the support department experiences to identify the root cause and provide a resolution.

This lack of visibility, or ability to explain the situation, leads to frustration and a significant burden on the service desk personnel as they attempt to document the issue.


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What is Incident Capture

With incident management tools, companies can log the incidents so that these can be accurately reported, tracked and resolved directly from the computer to the support desk.

With this process in place, issues can be addressed quickly and interruptions to service can be rectified promptly.

Therefore, having an effective incident management process in place is an incredibly important priority for companies that want to respond rapidly and critically to issues that can interfere with normal operating status.

How TrackPath can Help

TrackPath is a unique incident data collection and diagnostic tool designed to increase incident management efficiency.

This software acts as a “black box flight recorder” of sorts for computers, providing businesses with a low cost, high value effective incident capture solution.

TrackPath eliminates the need for manual reporting, as it keeps track of an application’s usage and it will automatically log any issues. In the event of service interruption or failure, this log can be instantly accessed to enable service desk respondents to easily locate the issue.

This speedy and accurate direct communication betters response times and improves user experience in the process, which makes this system especially ideal for larger companies with multiple devices in use that are relying on a single central help desk for support.

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TrackPath Opens the Door

Users no longer have to recall the steps that caused the issue, but instead with the click of a mouse, they can send through a fully documented audit trail from which the operator can work.

This not only saves time, but also provides customer support with the most accurate reporting possible for swift, viable incident.

While simple in concept, the beauty of TrackPath lies in its lightweight implementation and on any modern PCs, its presence on memory and processor load is almost impossible to detect.

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