HP QC & QTP Annual Fees – good money after bad?

Since HP acquired Mercury Interactive in 2006 there has been considerable disquiet in the market as support costs for Quality Centre and QTP have steadily risen. Many users have been able to negotiate discounts on their annual fees or to gain more flexibility in how their licenses can be deployed. HP’s licensing model is known for its complexity and some users have fallen foul of its restrictions and found themselves with an un-budgeted additional cost at the end of the year.

“I’m a growing pain, right?”

But this focus on direct costs entirely misses the point. Maintenance costs are an issue but it is not HP’s annual fee that represents the bulk of the pain. That pain is felt in the effort it takes to build automation in QTP and to maintain it as the applications under test change.

Successful automation with QTP takes well trained, costly staff and is a slow process. Even when the automation suite is complete it is very fragile as the target application is amended and enhanced. This is where the bulk of the expense lies and it it only offers a very low ROI.

Today’s successful companies demand agility and speed not fragility and slothfulness. So take a fresh look at your investment in HP, or the equivalent tools from IBM or any of the legacy vendors. The original investment will have been written off by now, so why continue to throw money, time and resources at a tool which you know is such a poor fit to your business needs.

Editors’ Notes:

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