A “happy day” at ASUG Georgia

What a great day at ASUG Georgia last week. It started out a little rocky, and could have included leaving something extremely important in the taxi. After multiple calls to the hotel to track it down, the taxi company not knowing who drives their cars and us completely panicking, it turns out the hotel came through for us! You know the saying… what happens at ASUG, stays at ASUG. I digress… now, back to the conference. How ironic that my keynote was about “Making Happiness”.

One of the larger user group conferences, Atlanta is a very well-oiled machine. The organizers are all very engaged in making this event (which happens a few times a year), a great success.

After we pulled it together, and spent the morning talking to some extremely interesting people, I presented the keynote at lunch. The topic “Making Happiness” was a bit un-nerving for me. Why you ask? Well, my manager George gave me the idea after he presented a similar session some time ago, but he’s a really funny Brit and I’m not, so there you go. My version was much more personal which makes you feel a bit vulnerable, but thank goodness it was very well received.

In the afternoon, Jonathan Pearson one of our Solution Managers and I presented a session on “SAP Testing Best Practices”. I really enjoy doing these sessions because it always takes me back to my years in QA/Testing Delivery. I absolutely love talking to practitioners and their leaders. Oh, and Jonathan is also another funny Brit, so it works!

Now, the most important part of a conference… what I’ve learned:

SAP upgrades, S/4HANA, and Fiori are still a long road for many companies and requires significant changes to adapt. Whether it’s a migration, a patch or a full upgrade, it’s understandable that people are worried. The 2025 date is looming and folks need to get on board quickly. This was the theme throughout the entire event. The most important thing to note is that the attendance at these events shows that it’s a priority for most companies. It’s great to see that companies are allowing their folks to learn how to get through these substantial changes both technically and personally.
If you are interested in learning more about Original Software’s full spectrum of application quality solutions, or want a copy of our SAP Upgrade & Patch Best Practices wall poster, please reach out to solutions@origsoft.com. You can also reach out to me directly. We can help, and the test of time is showing our solutions are savings over 60% time and effort.

And, don’t forget to sprinkle a little happiness. 😊
Lisa Ratajczyk
Director of Solutions Acquisition- Americas