Proud to play a part- England Rugby

The Six Nations is just around the corner and we are speculating which team will raise the trophy in 2016. Ireland will be hoping to repeat last year’s success although general opinion is citing the Welsh heavyweights as favourites despite Scotland performance at the Rugby World cup.
England sadly haven’t won the tournament in five years.

For England supporters last year’s Ruby World Cup was a disaster. Was it the players? Was it the system? Or was it the manager? The RFU decided that the manager had to go and for the first time the England team will be coached by a foreigner, and to make matters worse, he’s an Australian!
Having said that if he can coach a team like Japan, who delivered the performance of the tournament against South Africa, then he can’t be all bad.

But what if the talent pool is simply too shallow at the England level for us to compete against the leading nations? Eddie Jones may be a magical coach but he’s going to struggle without players who can deliver on the international stage. And this is where Original Software hope to help – if we can help deliver just a couple of players up to professional level and beyond then that could make the difference.

So we have decided to sponsor the U15 squad at Overton Rugby Club who play in the Hampshire village of Laverstoke in the grounds of the estate owned by ex-F1 World Champion Jody Scheckter now acclaimed organic farmer and famed for its Buffalo Mozarella.

The team includes two players who are already playing at the County level and another two who hope to get a County trial soon. So the raw talent and in their coach,
Jonathan Inglis they have the man to hone them into more complete players.

The U15 squad is currently seeking additional players so if you live in Hampshire and know of a youngster who’d fancy a go at rugby please get in touch with us or
their manager Peter King . Experience is not needed and remember that ruby players are like the rest of us – they come in all shapes and sizes.-
England Rugby
Overton Rugby Football Club