HP QC/ALM Survey – CIO’s questioning cost increases

2017 was the year HP themselves moved on from QC/ALM through their disposal of this business to the British company, Micro Focus. These venerable products have only evolved slowly but they have been re-branded many times and you may know them as Quality Center, Test Director and QTP.

Many companies have struggled with HP’s code-centric approach to test automation and UFT/QTP is typically either on a shelf or absorbs a disproportionate amount of effort to keep it working as their applications were enhanced.

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Original Software sponsors Basingstoke Town F.C.

Original Software are delighted to announce their sponsorship of the Basingstoke Town FC First Team for the 2017/18 season. Original Software are headquartered in Basingstoke so this was a great opportunity to support their local football club at this exciting time in our history, as they complete the transition to a community owned club.

The club compete at the seventh tier of English football with a dynamic squad under the leadership of their manager, Terry Brown.

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5 Trends Software Testers Should Keep an eye on in 2017

Software testing has come a long way since the great halcyon days of room-sized computing. There are more ways, and things, to test than ever before. With software technology continuously and confidently striding into the future, some test companies are paying close attention to what the trends are doing.

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What is Cross Platform Testing?

One of the pitfalls new testers experience often is forgetting to test their software, applications, apps, and web sites over all the platforms that they would work with. For software, web sites, and apps to compete in today’s market, the more “cross platform” they are, the more successful they will become. The term “cross-platform” or “multi-platform” is the ability for a particular program to run seamlessly on various computer platforms and/or operating systems.

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Comprehensive Software Testing Doesn’t Come Off a Shelf

Poorly tested software is damaging to companies. Getting the product to market is critical and skipping over testing during development whether on purpose or by accident can mean the difference between increasing revenue and losing customers.

Testing gets overlooked.

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UK UAT Survey Results

Our recent UAT survey uncovered some interesting, and sometimes worrying, statistics.

It is obvious that User Acceptance Testing, or UAT, is a major phase of any application delivery project, with 43% of respondents saying UAT accounted for well over 10% of the project time. However, 49% of respondents stated that UAT was less than effective with 11% of residual defects making their way into production.

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Are Gartner really wrong?

George Wilson

Why the 2016 Test Automation Magic Quadrant Gartner Report is Wrong by Joe Colantonio.

Perhaps not in the way Joe thinks. This is my response to his interesting piece.

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Proud to play a part- England Rugby

The Six Nations is just around the corner and we are speculating which team will raise the trophy in 2016. Ireland will be hoping to repeat last year’s success although general opinion is citing the Welsh heavyweights as favourites despite Scotland performance at the Rugby World cup.
England sadly haven’t won the tournament in five years.

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Old Mutual Group share their experiences of Original Software at Test Expo 2015

Test Expo 2015 logo

We were delighted to have Dan Eve Business Analyst at Old Mutual Group speak at Test Expo last week.
He shared his experiences of using Qualify,Test-Drive and Test-Drive Assist and how they have helped:-

Vastly improve workflow

Enabled centralized management of projects, change, testing and defects

Deliver timely and accurate management information .

And there’s more planned going forward!

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Bad Aer Lingers after online booking nightmare

The Aer Lingus booking system is not only riddled with software glitches, but they are so un-customer friendly that in order for ME to do THEM a favour and let them know why their web sales are so poor – alerting them to the software glitch, I either have to pay £s per minute to call their website helpdesk or post a blog about their immense screw-up (thereby shame-facing them at the same time) There is simply no other option available on their website for getting in touch with their webmasters – Come on guys a simple email address wouldn’t hurt, would it?

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