Test Data Management

GDPR and Test Data – Nah!

Looking down the barrel of the GDPR canon which is pointed at all of us, there are many things to worry about. And as I review these concerns my feeling swerve from concern, to panic, to optimism, through realism, doom and back to panic.

You do wonder if anyone with a commercial background was involved in thinking through the commercial consequences…

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German Retailer Solves Data Testing Challenges with TestBench

I recently spent 4 days at a customer, a large retailer based in Germany, who is embarking on a massive undertaking to modernize their IBM i based system.
This effort involves database normalization, conversion of the database from DDS-defined files to DDL-defined SQL tables and re-writing significant portions of their RPG code in Java.
The Challenge
The initial focus for the modernisation is on the data; how to validate that the new SQL tables have the correct structure and that the data has been migrated correctly.

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IBM System i (AS/400, iSeries) Remains the Server of Choice

The IBM iSeries remains the server of choice for many companies but fails as the platform to support a digital presence.

The IBM i Star is Falling, but it Still Burns Bright

The IBM i star may have dimmed a little in recent years, but it remains a key platform for many companies. How are you managing your upgrade or patch?

Software Testing Resolutions for 2012

It’s always amazing how every year the month of January sparks the desire in many people to reflect on past promises, challenges and successes. Once the moment has gone, a sense of clarity and a surge of determination takes root, and a new list of promises kick-starts a change and a passion to do well for the new year ahead.

Although this helps set about many good changes, trying to stick to these promises can sometimes prove quite a challenge!  How many of you can relate to the the goal of, “I shall join the gym and get fit and healthy”?

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Customers Get Quality-Centric VIP Treatment

Vermont Information Processing (VIP) has utilized Original Software’s end-to-end testing solution to increase its software quality. Even with an intensely accelerated development schedule, VIP has improved its customer upgrade experience and reduced pressure on its support team. This in turn has enabled the business to respond effectively to the complex requirements of its customers during volatile market conditions.

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Get a Grip of Your Test Data

What data do you use for your test environments? Production, generated, subsetted, masked? So many different approaches, but which way works best for you?

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St. Valentines Data Massacre

On the 81st anniversary of the legendary US gangster slaying in Lincoln Park, Chicago, it is perhaps appropriate to use the title of the massacre as an analogy to describe two of the most dangerous, but widespread practices currently taking place within QA and testing departments around the globe.

Illegally testing on live data and ignoring database accuracy!

The simple fact is this: Carrying out testing on live data without the consent of the individual whose data is being processed is illegal.

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NEWS: Original Software Positioned as a Visionary in Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites

Original Softwarebtoday announced that it has been placed in the ‘visionaries’ quadrant by leading analyst firm Gartner, Inc. in its recently published Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites, 31 July 2009.

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NEWS: Original Software offers ‘Escape’ for apprehensive Borland and Compuware customers

Original Software offers a swap-out promotion for customers of the soon to be engulfed companies, facing uncertainty in the future of their legacy product roadmaps.

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