Software Testing Nightmares

Driving on a Flat Tyre

This is probably not the perfect analogy, because at some point you will have to stop and change the tyre. But it may be if you don’t do it quickly, there will be a much nastier outcome and expense.

However, looking at the things that can bring benefit with minimal effort, it is possible to make progressive incremental changes which buy you time from the outset and start you on the journey to greater savings.  If the majority of your testing is currently manual, then adopting in the first instance technology that makes this less manual (less effort) is an easy and quick win

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When not testing properly nearly kills a great brand.

I’m not going to name any names, that would be inappropriate. This is a true story about a brand that I know, I use and I value which is in a tailspin that it might never recover from (I do hope it does). But it never needed to be in that situation.

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When unconscious mis-selling can land insurers in regulatory hot water

Hot Water

Regulators do not shy away from handing out heavy fines for mis-selling, which is happening a lot in the insurance industry. Get web compliance on the agenda.

The Mystery of HMRC and the Faulty Tax Statements

Tax Papers

Another HMRC IT glitch hits the headlines. The latest involves erroneous tax calculations being sent to up to five million people.

The £23.7 billion cost of a return flight

Pity that a poor customer who recently tried to book flights to Portugal on the eDreams website only to find they were going to cost a gargantuan £23.7 billion. This massive overcharge was a data validation error or a coding bug.

Insurance & Technology: How Insurers Can Avoid “Black Swans” in Product Launches

Insurance & Technology, a US publication that “provides insurance business and technology executives with the targeted information and analysis they need to be more profitable, productive and competitive,” recently published a contributed article by Original Software CEO Colin Armitage.

“We’ve all seen it happen: An IT project plagued with delays, changes and complications goes so far off the rails that it becomes a liability,” wrote Colin, describing projects such as new product launches that exceed budget by more than 200%–sometimes as much as 400%. Industry pundits call these projects “Black Swans.”

“Disasters are avoidable, though,” Colin reassured readers.

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Unconsciously falling foul of the regulators – website mis-selling


Keep on the right regulatory track as far as mis-selling is concerned, FS companies would do well to get their website testing in order.

As Retailers Boost IT Spending, Be Mindful of the Minefields

By George Wilson

Research out this week has earmarked the retail sector for soaring IT investment in 2014, with websites, mobile and IT system replacement being top of their wish lists. Law firm TLT has found that two thirds of the UK’s top 60 retailers expect their firms to grow this year and 80 per cent were convinced that IT will be instrumental in driving sales.

Mobile is the technology that retailers are getting most excited about, with two thirds planning to invest this year.

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Toyota – software glitch leads to global product recall

By George Wilson

Toyota, the Japanese car giant, suffered a massive blow this week when it was forced to recall almost two million of its top selling Prius hybrid vehicles. A glitch in the cars’ software could set off cars’ warning lights, meaning it would enter failsafe mode and cause the vehicle to stop suddenly. The biggest hit to Toyota will be in Japan and the USA.

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Data Glitches – how got it wrong

By George Wilson

The front page of the Telegraph this week carried a story on DIY online retailer, Shoppers couldn’t believe their luck when the retailer – selling everything from sheds to pricey power tools – cut all its prices to £34.99. Word of mouth meant people piled on to the site eager to snap up a bargain.

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