Shift Right

Risk vs. Effort

In the ERP world, whether on-premise, private cloud or SaaS cloud the impact of any change is not as clear or easily understood as it might have been in a home-grown application.  The risk is magnified because a third party is making changes to an expensive system, which is critical for running the business, providing changes that we probably did not ask for, that we don’t understand, that may impact other integrated systems and that might have hidden features which can bring business to a standstill.

So, whereas before we relied on quality being determined by effectiveness and good practice across a number of stages in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the responsibility for quality “Shifts Right” exclusively to the function of testing.  At the same time, the testing team may have been reduced, or more probably the emphasis placed on the business in User Acceptance Testing, that is even further “Right”.

The business users of course are best placed to spot the unwanted features and issues having the best knowledge of how the processes work, but they are not professional testers, they don’t think like testers and are not likely to carry out the most effective quality assurance process.  Not without help anyway.  Do they get that help?  Help in the form of planning, management, analysis, training and technology?  The answer is likely to be at best; “partially”.

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The Shift Left Conundrum in Agile and SOA Testing

What does Shift Left mean?

Simply put, Shift Left is a mode of software testing that involves shifting testing to the left of its usual position in the delivery pipeline, so that it occurs as close as possible to the build process. This is a commonly accepted approach in the software testing industry, even if the concept itself is not entirely new but repackaged for the agile age.

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Biscuits. The answer is biscuits.

On hearing that word I was reminded of the endearing broadcasts and interviews with Jess Thom, a lovely lady who spoke about Tourettes syndrome. Her inspiring frankness and humour helped me gain a sympathetic understanding of some of the challenges associated with that condition. If you don’t know it, Google it and be prepared to smile and at the same time be grateful.

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The Challenges of Test Automation

I watched my colleague Jim Trentadue (J32 to me) talk to a Chicago “Lunch & Learn” audience this week about the challenges facing those trying to create a successful test automation strategy. It was a very interactive session which was not aimed at any of our solutions, it was entirely general.

I had not seen this presentation before and dutifully noted down the key points he made along with those offered from the experienced audience.

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We invite you to learn more about the ShifT-RighT program series from Original Software.
ShifT-RighT focuses on the Quality of Testing that we reflect with a capital ‘T’. It complements the movement of personnel in earlier stages of an SDLC (Shift-Left).

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When not testing properly nearly kills a great brand.

I’m not going to name any names, that would be inappropriate. This is a true story about a brand that I know, I use and I value which is in a tailspin that it might never recover from (I do hope it does). But it never needed to be in that situation.

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