Code Freeze Gives Retailers Time to Change


This time of the year is probably the best opportunity you will get to consider and make changes to the way you deliver applications to the business in the future.

Black Friday and the Big Christmas Retail Code Freeze

Thin Ice

Retailers can’t afford for their applications and websites to fall over at this most crucial revenue generating time. Learn how to avoid thin ice over the holidays.

Better Software Testing Can Quell the “Omnichannel Frenzy” for Retailers

Retail Shopping

A retail professor recently declared that retailers who fail to adopt an omnichannel approach are “digging their own graves.” Will your shopper’s keep coming back?

Multichannel Merchant – QA Testing Technology is Key for Seamless Integration

Retailers and software merchants who release new applications and updates too fast with defects and gremlins could easily damage a company’s reputation. What can you do to manage the risks? Read the Multichannel Merchant article.