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Top 5 Common Myths in Software Testing

The world of software testing is much more complex than most would imagine but it doesn’t have to be. When I tell friends about my days of testing computer games or interfaces for Microsoft, they think how fun that would be for a living and it would be such an easy job. While the process can be fun, there are many times and incidents where it can be challenging and involve quite a bit of work, time, and effort.

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When not testing properly nearly kills a great brand.

I’m not going to name any names, that would be inappropriate. This is a true story about a brand that I know, I use and I value which is in a tailspin that it might never recover from (I do hope it does). But it never needed to be in that situation.

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Latest Release of Qualify AQM Solution

Original Software is excited to announce the latest release of Qualify, our industry-leading application quality management (AQM) solution.

The upgrade enhances the ability of project and test managers to optimize testing activities in real time and meet project objectives with the most efficient use of resources.

Gathering data and creating reports and dashboards manually is time-consuming and prone to data aging.

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Information Age: IT organizations not ready for ‘deluge’ of changing apps

Information Age considers the implications of the results of new research from Original Software which reveals that many corporate IT departments may be unprepared for the accelerating pace of change in business software applications. Analysts estimate there will be as many as 200 billion apps downloaded to smartphones, tablets and other devices by 2017. Despite this deluge of new software the research shows that corporate IT organizations don’t seem to be paying enough attention to the challenges of quality control and have little faith in the applicability of their software testing technology.

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Sheridan Hindle Co-operates to replicate IT benefits

When Midcounties Co-operative decided to upgrade its payroll system, it took the opportunity to move from a waterfall to an agile methodology. Learn how they managed the testing element? Read the ComputerWeekly article.

Insurance & Technology: How Insurers Can Avoid “Black Swans” in Product Launches

Insurance & Technology, a US publication that “provides insurance business and technology executives with the targeted information and analysis they need to be more profitable, productive and competitive,” recently published a contributed article by Original Software CEO Colin Armitage.

“We’ve all seen it happen: An IT project plagued with delays, changes and complications goes so far off the rails that it becomes a liability,” wrote Colin, describing projects such as new product launches that exceed budget by more than 200%–sometimes as much as 400%. Industry pundits call these projects “Black Swans.”

“Disasters are avoidable, though,” Colin reassured readers.

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As Retailers Boost IT Spending, Be Mindful of the Minefields

By George Wilson

Research out this week has earmarked the retail sector for soaring IT investment in 2014, with websites, mobile and IT system replacement being top of their wish lists. Law firm TLT has found that two thirds of the UK’s top 60 retailers expect their firms to grow this year and 80 per cent were convinced that IT will be instrumental in driving sales.

Mobile is the technology that retailers are getting most excited about, with two thirds planning to invest this year.

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Ensuring Quality in New Insurance Products

Dog Illness Premiums? Young Driver Policies? Will They Work?

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Are HP QTP & Quality Center the emperor’s new clothes?

It may be a tale from our childhood but I can think of no better analogy for the current state of test management and test automation tools market: The Emperor’s New Clothes. Now for those of you who cannot recall the story let’s have a quick recap.

The Emperor by definition was a powerful chap and one who wanted acclamation and praise from his court.

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New CIOs: How To Gain Control Within The First 30 Days

I came across this interesting article written by Mitesh Patel and published on BCW called: “New CIOs: How To Gain Control Within The First 30 Days” .

Two key points that I picked up in that article were the poor documentation a new CIO will inevitably face in their new role, and the absence of an audit trail.

Without these two essential requirements, “…how can any CIO confidently agree to deliver the required innovation with no visibility of what is in place today; no insight into the cost base; and no confidence in the resilience of the current infrastructure?”

If high quality software is at the heart of the CIO’s commitment to align with the business, it is without doubt that a CIO needs to ensure that the application lifecycle is streamlined and efficient.

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