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“I have a Tonne of testing to do.”​ True? Maybe, but does that add up?

I heard someone say that to me recently as they entered another weekly test cycle and I pondered whether testing could be measured in Tonnes (or mass).  And since mass and energy are irrevocably connected, I wondered whether it could be

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Test Automation Silver Bullet, Myth or Reality?

single silver bullet

Well obviously, it’s a myth.  Right? Maybe. But that said, why do many still seek it?  It is still perceived to be the Holy Grail of testing and keeps millions of people in gainful employment every day, and to an

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Toothache, Headaches and Manual Testing

Man holding head and chin indicating headache and tootache

Painful medical conditions and manual testing may not initially appear to have much in common, but while neither will kill you, they both impact your productivity and the world would be a more pleasant place without either of them. Science

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Application Quality – Where’s the Big Win?

Every year we are contacted by companies looking to improve their application quality, typically for one of two reasons. Firstly, they may have been hurt by critical bugs reaching the live environment or they may simply want to lower the

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Test automation creation needs to be fast and painless

Business Man sitting on office chair throwing paper into a bin

Test automation has failed to date simply because we could not afford to throw it away. Creating any form of automation takes effort and time, when the application under test changes and the automation ceases to work you are faced

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It doesn’t matter who does it, manual testing is amazingly inefficient.

business man lifting 2 concrete blocks

Consider. When a developer is assigned to rectify a bug, they cannot reproduce it. Is the reason environmental? Are both using the same data? Either way, the developer comes back and asks for more information. You can reproduce it, so

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“All I ever wanted from HP was a viable test automation tool”

tricycle with square wheel indicating fundamental flaw

  HP and Mercury Interactive before them were very successful at selling a complete package of testing tools, including performance testing and test management, but the jewel in the crown, the juicy bait covering the pointed and costly hook, was

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Test automation. Having trouble keeping up?

Tortoise indicating lack of speed

The pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating. So says Barry Ritholtz in an article entitled “The world is about to change even faster”  He’s right. Technology changes too quickly for any one company to stay on top of it.

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Making M3 users happy with an upgrade

business people jumping for joy

Upgrades, enhancements and patches take substantial effort and planning. We will look at the barriers and methods some organisations use to overcome them, as well as the process of implementing changes to M3 and, by adapting them, how to achieve

IPERS Transforms IT Testing Process Using Original Software

Jar of coins with Retirement label

A planned major upgrade to its system administration software drove IPERS to streamline its testing process. With the help of OS their testing process was transformed and generated an environment where communication between IT and business stakeholders could flourish. To