Oracle Testing

Computer Weekly: Businesses Face Oracle Applications Timebomb

An article in the digital publication Computer Weekly, a leading UK resource for senior IT professionals recently included additional details from Original Software’s research project with UKOUG canvassing plans and opinions regarding upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite.

The article highlighted the finding that 1/3 of organisations using Oracle E-Business Suite have not yet upgraded from Release 11 (R11) to Release 12 (R12), and a minority plans to remain on 11i with third-party support or sustained support.

In his comments quoted in the story, Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software, shed some light into why many companies have yet to make the move, despite the fact that they have less than a year before some updates will no longer be provided:

“On average, an Oracle upgrade can cost between $5m to $10m for large organisations.

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CIO Today: Original Software and UKOUG Survey Reveals Risk Is Biggest User Concern

CIO Today, a US publication focusing on purchasing strategies for enterprise systems, recently covered Original Software’s research project with UKOUG canvassing plans and opinions regarding upgrading Oracle’s E-Business Suite.

The article stressed the study’s findings that nearly three quarters (72 percent) of Oracle E- Business Suite users surveyed cited “minimizing the risk of not supporting core business systems” as their most important success factor when upgrading.

The story also quoted Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software:

“Our research demonstrates that reducing the risk of being unable to perform core business processes is the key goal when upgrading ERP software.

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Reduce the length of your ERP upgrade project by 30%

Today Original Software announced an innovation that extends to 30% the reduction it brings to the length of enterprise application upgrade projects.

The technology, which requires no specialist skills, is part of an overall software solution that includes a quality management platform, manual testing, test automation, database testing, and for Oracle E-Business Suite R12, a library of pre-defined test cases.

You can read more on this latest news announcement by visiting the ERP upgrade project reduction press release here.

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How to Streamline Your Journey to Oracle E-Business Suite R12

A Business Case for a Pre-Prepared Oracle E-Business Suite Quality Management Solution

Download the Oracle E-Business Suite Original Software Business Case

There’s no denying it – oracle systems are complex, very often business-critical and are the heartbeat of many companies. If you run your business on Oracle, you rely on it to receive orders, ship products, invoice customers, control financials, manage human resources and do so much more.

Embarking on a journey to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 may be a step you would prefer to avoid, especially if your environment is stable and your business is running smoothly.

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Upgrading to Oracle EBS R12 A Mission Impossible?

What is your biggest challenge for upgrading to Oracle EBS R12?

Oracle has made the business value and imperative upgrading to the latest release of Oracle EBS pretty clear. However many companies are finding that the amount of effort required to upgrade to EBS 12.x, before the looming Nov 2013 deadline, is much more substantial, costly and disruptive than previous upgrades.

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Best Practice for Testing Your Oracle E-Business Suite

Whether you are planning to implement or upgrade to Oracle’s E-Business Suite Release 12.1, knowing that you will have to perform an Oracle application test does not sound fun.

Historically upgrades can be a pain, time consuming and expensive since the time and resource it takes to move to a new version of the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software can be quite costly. Upgrades, especially functional upgrades, might take months of planning, testing, validation, and require business users to take time out of their daily workloads to check the new system.

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