Business Process Capture

Biscuits. The answer is biscuits.

On hearing that word I was reminded of the endearing broadcasts and interviews with Jess Thom, a lovely lady who spoke about Tourettes syndrome. Her inspiring frankness and humour helped me gain a sympathetic understanding of some of the challenges associated with that condition. If you don’t know it, Google it and be prepared to smile and at the same time be grateful.

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The Challenges of Test Automation

I watched my colleague Jim Trentadue (J32 to me) talk to a Chicago “Lunch & Learn” audience this week about the challenges facing those trying to create a successful test automation strategy. It was a very interactive session which was not aimed at any of our solutions, it was entirely general.

I had not seen this presentation before and dutifully noted down the key points he made along with those offered from the experienced audience.

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Capturing the Process Truth

By Colin Armitage, CEO Original Software

Learn how Marston’s documented 1,000+ processes in a few weeks.

The Business Process Management (BPM) market is set to reach a value of $10 billion by 2020, from its current value of $3.4 billion, according to a 2014 survey from Wintergreen Research Inc. This highlights just how crucial business processes are to the effective running of organizations all over the globe.

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