Building a Regression Test Pack

See how easy it is with this step by step process, without any  need for script editing or complex coding.


What tests do you need?

Before you start with any automation creation, you need to decide what tests should form part of the pack.

What parts of the application  are

a) critical to the business

b) most likely to be impacted by changes.

These are the scenarios you are looking to include.

Capture the key processes

Key business users and business analysts are a good source of information. Ask them to capture the key processes with TestDrive-Assist or TestDrive-UAT and highlight information that will need to be validated.

Building a basic Test Pack

TestDrive lends itself well to creating a simple regression pack that is developed over time with incremental enhancements.

Create Scripts, either directly or by leveraging TestDrive-Assist captures, and simply drop them into your Regression Playlist. 

You now have a simple automated regression test!

Enhancing your Test Pack

You can now increase the scale of the tests by dragging in data sets to execute multiple scenarios. Remember when using TestDrive  there is no need for any script editing.

 You will also want to add in some validations/assertions. 

Select which additional tests you would like e.g.spell checks, performance monitoring and highlighting of any application changes. Choose  whether to apply to :

  • a single page/screen in a test
  • all pages/screens for a specific script
  • all pages/screens in all scripts for the whole Test Pack.

These will be crucial when you come to running the Test Pack and analysing the results.

Maintaining the Test Pack

Change in the application is inevitable and, from time-to-time, you may find it necessary to update a script. As TestDrive separates the data and validations from the scripts, this is a very simple process.

 Scripts can be recreated from an execution result, they can be edited manually, or you can ask TestDrive to automatically incorporate changes into the script, using its Self-Healing mode.

 Either way, updating a Test Pack to incorporate application change is a quick and easy process.

Now you are ready to run!

Job done, and without any need for scripting editing!

Now you can run your regression test.

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