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When not testing properly nearly kills a great brand.

I’m not going to name any names, that would be inappropriate. This is a true story about a brand that I know, I use and I value which is in a tailspin that it might never recover from (I do hope it does). But it never needed to be in that situation.

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The Future of Test Automation (and tools)

I was part of a discussion panel at the Extent Conference at the London Stock Exchange yesterday and we were asked about the future of automated testing solutions.

Watch the video of the discussion panel.

In the context of the conference there was much emphasis on API testing and Shift Left, entirely appropriate in this largely transactional environment.

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Mobile Testing – Which hammer do you need?

Download a printable version here

So how do you test whether your web site has been rendered correctly and continues to operate correctly across a wide range of devices?
Every company has an on-line presence ranging from a static web site to a complete e-Commerce portal. Equally, every company knows that their on-line presence will be accessed on a plethora of devices, from PCs, through tablets and phablets to smartphones.

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Shift Right to Shift Left

In the testing world, Shift Left refers to the practice of focusing on quality from the start of a project/sprint.
In practice, this means that the testing burden is placed more on the developers and analysts and less emphasis is placed on the end user. Shift Left testing tends to focus on unit testing, integration testing and API testing.

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We Shouldn’t be Scared of Software Testing Tools

Hand Tool

What is a tool? Something that is used in performing a task or an operation, a means to an end. Tools differentiate us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

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Are Gartner really wrong?

George Wilson

Why the 2016 Test Automation Magic Quadrant Gartner Report is Wrong by Joe Colantonio.

Perhaps not in the way Joe thinks. This is my response to his interesting piece.

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UAT Do’s and Don’ts


Firstly, what is UAT? Let’s focus on “User Acceptance Testing” as opposed to “Urban Assault Team” for this discussion.

UAT is a phase of software development in which the software is tested in the “real world” by the intended audience.

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Some people think regression testing isn’t necessary. They’re wrong!


I recently read an a article entitled “When not to automate testing?”.
In that article it was suggested that it was not worth automating regression testing for (or even manually regression testing) areas of an application that are rarely changed, even though other areas of the application are under constant change. What was the rationale behind this statement?

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Proud to play a part- England Rugby

The Six Nations is just around the corner and we are speculating which team will raise the trophy in 2016. Ireland will be hoping to repeat last year’s success although general opinion is citing the Welsh heavyweights as favourites despite Scotland performance at the Rugby World cup.
England sadly haven’t won the tournament in five years.

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Making UAT as easy as child’s play

UAT can be distracting and annoying to business users but UAT is an essential step before you deploy an application.

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