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The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Test Automation

Just to get into the spirit of Halloween next week, take a look at our new whitepaper, “The Seven Deadly Sins of Software Test Automation,” (cue evil laugh). We do enjoy being original and I am sure you will have a little chuckle to yourselves with this one!

In this whitepaper we explore each of the seven deadly sins as they relate to software test automation.

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Just a quick note for anyone who has not visited us before, welcome to our new corporate website!

Not only does the new website have better design and functionality, we have also added a new area called Quality Assurance Videos. A collection of educational videos and content all about software testing and quality assurance.

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Great Places to network with other Test and QA professionals

Linked-In is fast becoming one of the best platforms to pick up industry related news and network with other professionals. There are literally thousands of Linked-In groups, so much so, that finding the most relevant, biggest, best or most active groups can be a bit of a challenge!

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Software Testing Hall of Shame – Survey reveals hidden price of software failures

This week’s Hall of Shame entry isn’t an actual company for once, but rather lots of them! A new survey uncovers the hidden cost of software failures and the importance of testing.

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Software Testing Hall of Shame: Sears grilled over web blunder

Sears literally did get burned by their own incompetence when their website started promoting ‘Grills to cook babies and more’.

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Software Testing Hall of Shame: Software Glitch Grounds UK Chinooks

The UK Ministry of Defense is taking flack for eight Chinook helicopters that have reportedly been grounded since they were purchased due to a software glitch. Sky News reports that the Ministry allegedly tried to save money by writing their own software for the aircraft.

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NEWS: AppLabs and Original Software Partner to Help Clients Take the Step from Manual to Automated Testing

AppLabs sees huge value proposition for its clients with agile-friendly automation suite

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NEWS: Original Software Positioned as a Visionary in Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites

Original Softwarebtoday announced that it has been placed in the ‘visionaries’ quadrant by leading analyst firm Gartner, Inc. in its recently published Magic Quadrant for Integrated Software Quality Suites, 31 July 2009.

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NEWS: Original Software offers ‘Escape’ for apprehensive Borland and Compuware customers

Original Software offers a swap-out promotion for customers of the soon to be engulfed companies, facing uncertainty in the future of their legacy product roadmaps.

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A Day of Filming at Original Software

Today Peter Hopely, our Head of UK Sales, and Scott Addington, Head of Marketing swapped laptops for the lights, camera, action of a film studio today as they both recorded a series of ‘video whitepaper’ snapshots that will appear very soon on the Original Software website.

‘I am very excited about these videos’ commented Scott, ‘the video medium is an ideal vehicle for us to communication our core messages and value propositions, and we have used these short videos as introductions to whitepapers and specific parts of our website, I am sure they will be very well recieved.’

We used a company called ModComms to do the filming and post editing – a very proffesional bunch of lads. ‘The day has been tiring but definitley worthwhile’ said Peter.

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