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Disposable test controversy

It seems George has touched on a controversial topic – whether or not the modern, agile business needs more disposable test assets..

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Free Testing Conference in London

Just to let you know, we’ll be in London next week at TestExpo. If anyone is in the area, please come along. It is a great conference and expo for all those involved in testing and QA and best of all, it’s free to attend!

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Wipro employee fraud repercussions

The fall of Satyam was supposed to have created a big opportunity for Wipro but with the latest news, not only has it lost its chance of monopolizing on this, but a big shadow has been cast over the company’s credibility and trustworthiness.

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Test Automation – Right on Target

This is a presentation given by one of our customers. Ala’a Shouaib at Target Group at the Butler evnt recently

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St. Valentines Data Massacre

On the 81st anniversary of the legendary US gangster slaying in Lincoln Park, Chicago, it is perhaps appropriate to use the title of the massacre as an analogy to describe two of the most dangerous, but widespread practices currently taking place within QA and testing departments around the globe.

Illegally testing on live data and ignoring database accuracy!

The simple fact is this: Carrying out testing on live data without the consent of the individual whose data is being processed is illegal.

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Faulty Software Caused Car Troubles

Poor Steve Wozniak, it wasn’t very nice for Steve to find that his accelerator pedal went crazy whilst he was driving his new 2010 Toyota Prius!

It seems this issue of software quality, or lack of quality, has finally made it to the vehicles we commute in. Reading stories about big companies being sued or fined over data breeches because of a software bug, does not top being almost killed in your car by a software bug!!

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The Reality of Software Testing in an Agile Environment

Agile is a methodology that is seeing increasingly widespread adoption, and it is easy to understand why especially in today’s economic climate.

For the QA professional an Agile approach can cause discomfort. In an ideal world they would have a finished product to verify against a finished specification.

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Tester Types The eBook!

Meet the characters that make up this wonderful collection of Software Tester personalities.

A laugh out loud eBook that will have you comparing these fun characters to your co-workers, managers or friends!

Created by Rob Lambert and Rosie Sherry, founders of The Software Testing Club, Tester Types The eBook is free to download.

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The pains of poor testing: Loss of customers, blocked airways and public ridicule

Co-operative bank &#39losing customers&#39 through system problems, FAA Computer Glitch Delays US Flights and the latest on The Large Hadron Collider

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Software Testing Hall of Shame: Big Blue Red Faced over poorly tested congestion charging debacle

This week IBM step up to the podium in our Software Testing Hall of Shame. Computerworld UK yesterday reported that London’s congestion charging payments system crashed after IBM took over the contract.

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