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The Dark Side of Application Quality Management at the TMF

Jonathan Pearson, Original Software, did a fantastic presentation at the Test Management Forum in London, on Wednesday called: “The Dark Side of Application Quality Management: Ten Black Holes to Avoid For Successful Application Delivery”.

The session was lively and Johnny impressed the crowd with his Obi Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight costume complete with light sabre for pointing at the projector screen and Star Wars sound effects. Johnny had no idea that his impressive presentation would leave its mark and he is now known by friends and colleagues as Johnny Wan Kenobi!

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Drilling deeper into the World Quality Report

Some good headlines about emerging industry trends came out of the recent World Quality Report produced by HP, Sogeti and Capgemini, but as I read deeper, some things started niggling at me, so much so that I decided they were worthy of a blog post.

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Why is Test Automation so Cumbersome?

Why is test automation so cumbersome? Original Software has a particular point of view that you may be interested in.

Download our “Throw Away Test Automation” paper today at:

Our view is that traditional test automation systems originated in a world that moved at a much slower pace, where waterfall developments were the only game in town.

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Customers Get Quality-Centric VIP Treatment

Vermont Information Processing (VIP) has utilized Original Software’s end-to-end testing solution to increase its software quality. Even with an intensely accelerated development schedule, VIP has improved its customer upgrade experience and reduced pressure on its support team. This in turn has enabled the business to respond effectively to the complex requirements of its customers during volatile market conditions.

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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Apple: ‘Hold your iPhone 4 differently’

This week saw the release of most sought after smartphone on the planet, the iPhone 4, but a fatal flaw was quickly discovered – that holding the gadget in a certain way kills reception, which means making phone calls or downloading games is rather difficult. Apple’s response? – hold your phone differently!

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Blasting away market frustrations

Today we are officially launching Qualify to the world. Our brand new Quality Management solution aids business agility and unifies the software delivery process.

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Having a Holistic View of Your Application Quality

Our last webinar in our software quality webinar series is finally here!

We hope you have had the opportunity to enjoy our series and would like to invite you to join us one more time for our final educational webinar topic: “Having a Holistic View of Your Application Quality”.

Your applications are no doubt essential for running the business, and as such you need to ensure that you manage their quality throughout the software development lifecycle. Join us on this webinar as George Wilson, COO of Original Software, explores the importance of having a unified view of the application quality function.

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Get a Grip of Your Test Data

What data do you use for your test environments? Production, generated, subsetted, masked? So many different approaches, but which way works best for you?

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Agile Test Automation, Can It Be Done?

Join us on our next upcomming webinar, “Agile Test Automation, Can It Be Done?”

George Wilson, Original Software, will be hosting the webinar this Wednesday, May 12th 2010, discussing the reality of test automation in an Agile environment.

Agile is a methodology that requires a change in the way QA and development work together. The use of technology and automation are much more difficult and finding a practical approach to testing is critical for successful Agile projects.

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Join our Software Test Automation Webinar Series

Original Software will be holding a number of webinars from April to June. No more than an hour in length, these informative sessions will attempt to cut through some of the myths and hype that currently surround the software testing industry.

Register today at:

Listen in and learn how:

* You can jumpstart your test automation strategy without the need for complex scripting.

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