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Five software non-failures for 2011

This time last year, Michael Krigsman posted an interesting blog predicting 5 main software failures for 2010. These ranged from failure rates remaining unchanged to social computing and Enterprise 2.0 adoption failures hitting the jackpot.

Was he right?

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HP Sprinting to Catch Up Again&#63

Isn’t it great when a huge technology vendor, such as HP, starts paying attention to its
more innovative and visionary competitors, in an attempt to play catch up?

We discovered this just the other day, when we saw that HP was plugging a ‘copy cat’
manual testing tool at this winter’s TestExpo, which takes place on Dec 7th in London,
UK. Ironically named HP Sprinter, the launch of the tool has been rather slow in coming
to market.

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Sign Up To Our New Test Automation Webinar Series

Original Software will be holding a number of software quality webinars from November to January. No more than an hour in length, these informative sessions will attempt to cut through some of the myths and hype that currently surround the software testing industry.

Register today at:

Listen in and learn:

* Why manual testing is here to stay!

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HP really means High Price says QC customers

It’s not the first time I have seen blog posts by unhappy HP customers. But I thought the latest were worthy of comment…

There are some who are loyal to the HP brand and some who simply see HP solutions as unfit for purpose. It appears that the big software testing giant has reached “Marmite” status – you either love it or you hate it!

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Original Software signs Tesnet as reseller

Did you know that we have a live rss feed that shows all our latest online press coverage? Take a look at our latest coverage announcing our new partnership with The Tesnet Group by visiting our “In The News” page

Here is an extract from the release, which highlights the value this new partnership will bring.

“Tesnet is a great example of how service providers are in search of a new way of differentiating themselves and delivering enhanced value to their client base,” said Colin Armitage, CEO of Original Software.

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ERP Testing Saps Resource at Marstons

When Judy Doust at Marston’s told us about her pain points with testing SAP applications, it was obvious that our unique approach to testing would be beneficial. So we put our developers to the task of coming up with an SAP solution. We’re pleased to say they’ve come up trumps and have helped the independent UK brewer and pub retailer to ease the increasing burden of SAP testing without the need for employing additional technical resources…

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Another Tax Blunder, Get IT Fixed

HM Revenues and Customs have done it again! You would think that they would have learnt from past mistakes and have a plaque hanging on their wall that says, “failure to plan is planning to fail.”

Not only is their internal administration process still flawed, but now their shiny new Pay As You Earn (PAYE) computer system is thought to be the problem behind 1 million workers facing a surprise £1,500 tax bill.

A new IT project, which had not been properly tested, has meant that 1.4 million tax payers have underpaid.

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An AQM solution for Psion Teklogix

Psion Teklogix, the pioneer of rugged mobile computing, has utilised Original Software’s newly launched Application Quality Management (AQM) solution, Qualify, to enable significant time savings, process improvements and re-use of assets; accelerating innovation on ground-breaking new products and features.

Shahe Altounian, Manager for Product Support and Services at Psion, leads a team of Test and Business Analysts, in charge of validating Psion’s products before they are released to production. From testing for compliance to certain industry standards, through to validating that the beepers and software work as designed, he and his team were managing and planning the quality of their rugged handheld devices, using TestPlan, Original Software’s solution for test planning only, which has now been superseded by Qualify a complete AQM solution.

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Bad Aer Lingers after online booking nightmare

The Aer Lingus booking system is not only riddled with software glitches, but they are so un-customer friendly that in order for ME to do THEM a favour and let them know why their web sales are so poor – alerting them to the software glitch, I either have to pay £s per minute to call their website helpdesk or post a blog about their immense screw-up (thereby shame-facing them at the same time) There is simply no other option available on their website for getting in touch with their webmasters – Come on guys a simple email address wouldn’t hurt, would it?

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Software errors force Boris to back-pedal on hire charges

A cycle hire scheme championed by Boris Johnson is having to refund thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money after it was hit by glitches.

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