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The Cost of Software Failure

Our Software Testing Hall of Shame hosts a gallery of software glitches all serving to illustrate the importance of testing software. The latest addition comes from the London Stock Exchange where, billions of pounds worth of share trades were lost after the London Stock Exchange’s main trading system ground to a halt shortly after the market opened last month.

Dealers were left twiddling their thumbs and angry after the LSE officially called a halt to all trading on its electronic order-driven system.

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UK 2011 Census Not Written by Testers

Its Census time in the UK, an event that comes round once every 10 years, which requires every householder to ensure they collect a full set of personal data, or face a £1000 fine.

What has this got to do with testing? Well quite a lot really when you examine the ways that the questions have been crafted.

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Getting ready for TestExpo?

It’s that time of the year again when Sogeti put on their event management hats and roll out the red carpet for TestExpo on Wednesday 23rd March 2011, where we will be joining them at the only software testing exhibition in the UK.

Most of you are probably familiar with TestExpo, but if you are not, it is the type of event where you can mingle with other Software Testers, Test Managers, Consultants and Quality Assurance Professionals. TestExpo is the only event in the software testing industry that you can attend for free and talk to software testing solution vendors, listen to presentation topics about the latest innovation in testing and network!

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The Test Automation Debate: Record & Playback versus Programmatic

Experts agree that test automation isn’t easy and there has been a lot of debate over which approach leads to better and easier test automation – record and playback or programmatic. Original Software would like to take this debate one stage further and introduce a new paradigm to the discussion. Join in the discussion by registering today.

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Top Trends in Software Quality for 2011

I discovered this article recently released by QA InfoTech, which outlines 4 main software quality trends for 2011. The article does not however state how QA InfoTech discovered what the trends would be or whether they are based on facts from a survey. So we can only assume that these trends have been uncovered from what the company has been seeing in the market place.

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A Drip Under Pressure

I came across an interesting blog a few days ago called “A Drip Under Pressure” by Tony Simms, Test Manager and author to Roque Software Testing blog.

Tony describes a situation, I am sure the majority of us have come across, where you have been sold a concept, a solution or a vision and like an excited child you are keen to move forward having placed your trust and faith into the vendor and self-proclaimed “expert” you are now engaged with.

The problem is the fact that these “experts” have let you down, the relationship has gone bad and your company could have ruined its reputation because the “experts” idea of software quality and quality management, was thrown together by the little guy with an enormous ego!

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HMRC Software Glitch Makes Returns Taxing

Yesterday, January 31st, was the last chance for self-assessors to submit their tax return online at the website for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Even though the HMRC said only on Friday that their computer system was working well and they did not foresee the problems experienced in recent years, our majesty’s government failed to test thoroughly again!!

Apparently, accountants were having problems after it appeared that the company that supplies software which allows accountancy firms and advisors to access the HMRC website had shut its links early.

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Will you join us at TMF next week?

Gerrard Consulting have been hard at it again as they get ready for their main Software Testing two day event. Workshops will be running on Tuesday, whilst the Summit will be on Wednesday and we hope to see you there!

If you are looking to step out of the office and have a little refresher, discovering what is new in the software testing world, how your peers are coping or even how your competitors are getting on, this event is the perfect opportunity, and the best part of all is that there are still places left!

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Navigating Your Way Through the SAP Testing Jungle

The word “upgrade” has been known to send shivers down the spines of many SAP customers, especially given the historical pain, time and cost of moving to a new version of the software. Upgrades, especially functional upgrades, are resource hungry, take months of planning and require business users to take time out of their daily workloads to check the new system.

The SAP testing jungle is real and if you get lost in this jungle you need to know how to survive, adapt, and thrive in the complex SAP eco-system.

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A Tester Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

The Software Testing Club has done it again, our friend and Original Thinker, Rosie Sherry, Software Testing Club Author, has recently launched the latest creative eBook just for Software Testers! It’s great to see our Tester’s are being looked after 🙂

The eBook entitled “A Tester Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas” can be downloaded for free and the STC just ask if you wouldn’t mind donating to the Oxfam charity that they support, which you can donate via the Just Giving website here:

If you would like to know more about how your peers are coping in the software testing world I would recommend this brilliant PDF download. The STC asked their community a set of questions and have published some of the answers in this hilarious eBook.

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