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TestDrive Nominated Best Automated Test Tool

Original Software is very proud to have been nominated in four different categories by The Automated Testing Institute for, “Best Automated Test Tool” for our solution TestDrive, and “Best Automated Testing Article”, written by George Wilson, Operations Director, Original Software.

The Automated Testing Institute (ATI), are hosting its third annual Automation Awards, which encourages the testing community to discuss, network and vote for the solutions that are currently representing cutting edge technology in test automation. The ATI operates based on the belief that more must be done to help software test automation reach its full potential.

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Software Testing Metrics and Compliance

Managers who are responsible for quality should implement processes and technology that will support their business objectives in a pragmatic and achievable way, without negatively impacting current projects.

Understanding the current project status, the trends in the progress and the implications for resources, target dates and costs are vital for making correct decisions. In today’s dynamic world, the information needs to be available instantly.

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Best Practice for Testing Your Oracle E-Business Suite

Whether you are planning to implement or upgrade to Oracle’s E-Business Suite Release 12.1, knowing that you will have to perform an Oracle application test does not sound fun.

Historically upgrades can be a pain, time consuming and expensive since the time and resource it takes to move to a new version of the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software can be quite costly. Upgrades, especially functional upgrades, might take months of planning, testing, validation, and require business users to take time out of their daily workloads to check the new system.

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Apple Joins Testing Hall of Shame

Another organisation has made it to our Software Testing Hall of Shame this week and what an embarrassment to such a high profile company.

According to an article by ITPRO, hackers are taking a big bite out of Apple’s data security.

A website known as “JailBreakMe” has been exploiting Apple’s iOS flaw by allowing users to upload software onto Apple devices that has not been approved.

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Throwaway Test Automation?

There comes a time in every Software Tester’s career when test automation seems desirable. A QA utopia of shorter testing cycles and applications delivered on time! But unfortunately for most, that dream of application quality, as a result of more efficient testing through automation, has become more of a burden than a helping hand.

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Tesco Bank Should Have Tested on IE9

The news on CIO’s website of Tesco Bank having to issue emergency guidelines for Internet Explorer 9 users, made me chuckle.

Either testing on multiple browsers wasn’t carried out in full or the testing technology being used didn’t support IE9. Either way, Tesco Bank will be entering our ‘Software Testing Hall of Shame’ this week.

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Podcast: Innovations in Software Testing

Our very own Colin Armitage, CEO at Original Software, took to the stage along with HP, IBM and Microsoft to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the world of software testing. Topics under discussion included manual testing, agile testing and how test automation can be improved. Listen to the podcast here.

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Manual Testing – The Smarter Approach

There appears to be a lot of hype in the market place right now about HP Sprinter revolutionising manual testing. A revolution? Really?

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The Battle for Quality in the Boardroom

How can today’s IT Leaders tackle the application quality challenges they face?

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The Best of Both Worlds

Experts agree that test automation isn’t easy and there has been a lot of debate over which approach leads to better and easier test automation – record and playback or programmatic. Original Software took this debate one stage further and introduced an alternative paradigm to the discussion, during a live webinar.

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