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Making M3 users happy with an upgrade

business people jumping for joy

Upgrades, enhancements and patches take substantial effort and planning. We will look at the barriers and methods some organisations use to overcome them, as well as the process of implementing changes to M3 and, by adapting them, how to achieve

IPERS Transforms IT Testing Process Using Original Software

Jar of coins with Retirement label

A planned major upgrade to its system administration software drove IPERS to streamline its testing process. With the help of OS their testing process was transformed and generated an environment where communication between IT and business stakeholders could flourish. To

HP QC/ALM Survey results- I’m really not surprised

As a former Quality Center user I am not surprised at the high level of frustration with its poor functionality particularly reporting, customisations and integrations. Things have moved on and in the 21st century there is a modern alternative. Nor

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